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New Zealand and Australia Feb 2009

February 11, 2009
Happy 25 year anniversary!!

25 year anniversary!!

Linda and I have been planning to go to New Zealand for about ten years.  So on our 25 year anniversary we took a three week cruise around New Zealand and over to Australia.  We are standing in front our ship.


Having breakfast at the Weston Hotel.  Funny thing happened that night.  We were woken up with the fire alarm going off at 3:00 in the morning.  It’s bad enough to have the alarm go off that early but when you have been flying for 20 hours all the humor goes away real quick and you just wake up and walk out like a zombie.


I had to pick between taking my new friends on the ship or my wife…. but when I looked at them and then at Linda it wasn’t even a question Linda didn’t have furry feet.  Oh and Linda is much better looking!!!

Harley Davidson in Aukland New Zealand

Harley Davidson in Auckland New Zealand

Our first stop while we were in Auckland, image that it’s the Harley dealership.



First day on the ship with Auckland in the back groung

First day on the ship with Auckland in the back ground

Hilton Hotel this is where we stayed before getting on the ship

Hilton Hotel this is where we stayed before getting on the ship

Auckland Harbor

Auckland Harbor


Tauranga was our first port of call.  It has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world.  It’s just fifty years behind the rest of the world.


Tauranga and the mud pits.  The mud pits are so hot it would take all of your skin off of you body in six seconds if you fell in.



Our new friends Rodney and Barbara

Our new friends Rodney and Barbara

Rainbow from our room balcony

Rainbow from our room balcony

Valentines Day

Valentines Day

Napier our second Port

Napier our second Port

Wellington Home of the All Blacks rugby team

Wellington Home of the All Blacks rugby team

Linda's birthday in Christchurch

Linda's birthday in Christchurch

Dunedin New Zealand

Dunedin New Zealand

Dunedin is only 1000 miles away from the Antarctica (who knew)  We saw penguins on the beaches.
The sounds in New Zealand

The sounds in New Zealand

the sounds Breath taking beauty

the Sounds, Breath taking beauty

Another boat getting a close up of the water falls

Another boat getting a close up of the water falls



This is where Linda and I got tickets to see “Wicked”  we were so lucky to get the tickets right on the floor in the front.  This is a place where I could live.  the transportation system they have in the city is amazing.


The old and new city built together

The old and new city built together

The city laws will not allow them to tear down a building to build a new one.  So the city is a combination of building built in the 1800’s and modern building.
Our last night of our vacation

Our last night of our vacation

I’m convinced that we need to take longer vacations than a week.  This was the first time we have ever taken a vacation for this long and it was wonderful.  Funny thing was, work was still there when I got back and the company didn’t go bankrupt.  I’m tell you the Europeans have it right, go on at least one, three  or four week vacation a year it will make you live longer.  We take our jobs way to serious. 

Million Dollar highway ride 2008

July 3, 2008


this is the third time Linda and I have done the Million Dollar Highway ride and I know we will do it again.  I love this ride.  We started out the ride going through Heber City and over the Wolf Creek pass on to Vernal.


We had quite a few fokes come with us Mike & Lisa, Pat & Staci Dunn, Terry Evans, Michael Lopez and Mark & Rachel Ludlow.  It is a great goup of riders everyone did a great job with Wolf Creek pass even Staci who has less than 1,000 miles on her bike.


we met the Colorado group in Grand Junction Ken & Lisa, Randy &  Tina Jim & Shauna.  It was a great group Ken put together, I don’t think I have had more fun riding with any other large group we really matched up well and the ride couldn’t have gone any better.


One of our many lunches together but this one was in Telluride.


Lisa rode her own bike this year and did great.  Where ever Ken went she was stuck right in his back pocket, she rides like she has thousands of miles on a bike instead of a 1,000 miles on a bike.



Sitting outside the old Romero’s restaurant in Silverton.  We continued on to Durango and spent the day riding around the mountain passes.  Ken put together a fantastic ride with some very fun and enjoyable riders.  I’m very excited to ride with them again.


Here’s the Utah group we stopped in Green river for lunch before heading back to Salt lake City.

Rocky Point Rally 11.2007

November 3, 2007


We started this ride from our house in Mesquite and took the back road around Lake Mead to Hoover Dam and on to Kingston AZ. (I would fill up with gas in either Overton or at the Dam because this not any gas in between)


Our first experience eating at an In and Out burger.  Make sure when you order your burger you ask it to be an “animal” (added onion and other stuff).  Still not to sure what the big deals about IN and Out burgers.  I would say Artic Circle is much better.


You have to stop at the route 66 Harley Davidson


We spent the night in Sun City AZ great restaurants and some cool bars.

From Sun City we rode the 200 miles to rocky point.  I loved the ride down it was beautiful and the traffic was not bad.  I would make sure you have plenty of money because at the boarder they only allow you to get $40.00 at a time out of the ATM and they charge you $3 for each transaction.  so make sure you hit the ATM in Phoenix. 

Also buy your Mexican Insurance on-line before you go, it saved us a lot of money and you have to have it because your US insurance is not valid in Mexico.

This is the view from our room at Rocky Point.  Hard to beat a Rally with palm trees and sandy beaches. 


Do not speed or break the law in Rocky Point the federalises will pull you over and impound your bike unless you give them a bunch of money.  If you do get pulled over never show the federalise how much money you have in your wallet or you will lose it all.  this advice came from a taxi car driver who did get pulled over and it cost him $50 cash as a local.

We stayed in a gated community in some great condo’s I would recommend the gated community just about every complex in gated but it’s a great question to ask while you’re making the reservations.


The best part about Rocky Point is it’s like Sturgis with all of the girls and stuff but you have beach front bars and $1 beers Hoo Haa!!!  Plus anything goes in Mexico.


Not a lot of words to explain this shirt.


Funny the people you meet while you’re there.  Linda and I were sitting at the bar we found our server from one of the bars in Mesquite.  Her and her husband came down with a bunch of their friends, it was fun hanging out with them.  We found out later at the bar their group was a little closer to each other than Linda and I wanted to be with them.  We figured that out when the girls kept grabbing Linda’s boobs and they invited us to stay at the house they rented so we could all “party together”


The Salt lake City Harley Davidson service manager send down some of his friends to make sure we were safe and had a great time.  these guys were the best they would not let us out of their sight for any reason.  I would like to hook up with them again next time we’re down there.


Just enjoying a beverage with our new found friends.


Teno and  Sento just paid for a Mariachi  to play for Linda the funny thing was they played their song and they thought they were done until Teno reminded them they were not.  So we enjoyed about five more songs until Teno told them they were done and it was ok to stop playing,  these guys were great. 

Just like Sturgis we got good uses out of our beads.  If you want to give girls your beads buy them from the local kids they are cheaper plus you’re helping the kids. 


bikes come down the main street and burn out.  We saw tires blow and clutches fried.  I would not recommend trying the burn out.  (You’re in Mexico for gods sake) and it hard to find parts for your bike.


You will see everything at rocky Point and most of it you do not want to see and may have to spend some money and time in therapy.

As you can see from this picture people line the streets and the roof tops to see the events.  The best thing to do is just walk the streets, you will see more and it’s fun to drop in all of the bars.

These are the shimp boats.  The Rally is at The Fish Market.  The boat will just come over to the fish market and dump off tons of Shrimp that you can buy right from the boat. 

You buy it by the pound and they steam it right there in front of you and give you the bag of shrimp with the cocktail sauce so you can eat the shrimp right there.  SOOOO GOOOOOD!!!!


After a long ride and to much to drink I think the look on Linda’s face says it all.  It was a great trip and I know I will be doing it again.  Like I said if you have a chance to either go to Sturgis or Rocky Point.  I think you will happier on the beach and only paying a buck for a beer.

For those who have been to Sturgis I don’t think you will see this kind of view in South Dakota.

We took a dirrerent route back to Mesquite we came back on HWY 95 on the California side.  What a great road no traffic and just a lot of fun to ride,

Death Valley Ride

August 8, 2007
Lonleyest Highway

Loneliest Highway

This is the route Linda and I took to bring our bikes back to Mesquite for the winter.



It is a very lonely road
It is a very lonely road

It’s not just a catchy name there are not very many cars that go this way but the ride was great.  My first thought was that the ride was going to be flat and straight just like the ride to Wendover.  But to my surprise there are a lot of mountain passes and some great scenery.

We rode from South Jordan to Ely the first day.  the weather was great but we were ready for a beer and some company by the time we got there.  We also needed a bath (private joke)



One of the very large city we passed through.  They had gas and that’s all that mattered.

The second day we were going to ride to Tonopah.  But after we saw what Tonapah looked like we continued our ride to Springdale.  that proved out to be a very good move.  Funny thing was even the gals in the hotel we where going to stay at  told us Tonopah was a dump.  First lesson in finding lodging. if the people who live in the town tell you it’s a dump… believe them.

Gas Stop

Gas Stop

Another lesson when you’re riding in the desert get gas were you find it.  Even if the gas station attendant has guns in open view. (I don’t think anyone steals gas from these guys).



Death Valley
Death Valley

Yep it was HOT.  10:00 AM it was 110 degress.

Scott's Mansion

Scott's Mansion

This is a cool Mansion right in the center of Death valley (a must see) if you’re riding through.  No one lives there now but it is cool to see.

This was the Swimming pool

This was the Swimming pool


From Springdale we rode through Death Valley and onto Mesquite. 

Bringing our bikes home for the summer May 2007

May 12, 2007

DSC03311We met Jon and Dor in Mesquite to bring our bikes home.  the quickest way is to jump on 1-15 and ride the 340 miles home…. well that’s no fun so we made the trip a little longer by riding through Page AZ  and stayed the first night in Kayenta,



From there we rode to Blanding and over to Torrey, Ut.  We were bumping into rain clouds all the way but some how missed all the rain.  The riding gods were with us.

This is where we met up Mike, he rode from Salt Lake City in the morning and met us for breakfast.


We rode North from Torrey to Price and over Hunington canyon back to Salt Lake.



This is the exact spot on HWY 72 where Laura ran off the road flipped her bike completely over.  The bike landed on her, Linda jumped off my bike and lifted the bike off of Laura all by herself.  The bike was totaled and Laura walked away with only a scratched forehead from her sunglasses.  Moral of the story… wear your leathers and helmets.

Laughlin Rally 2007

April 12, 2007
Laughlin Rally and Linda dream of riding on route 66

Laughlin Rally and Linda's dream of riding on route 66

This is another ride Linda and I did by ourselves.  We left from Mesquite and took the usual route around Lake Mead and through Hoover dam.  The weather was fantastic and the ride was even better.  Linda and I ride so well together because we both love it so much.

After we checked into our hotel, the home of the famous “Losers lounge” we just walked over to see what the vendors had for sale.  They have vendors in every parking lot with some cool stuff and most of them had bands playing with some great food and plenty of beer.


This is the place where Linda bought the famous Pink Helmet that she loves so much.




On the second day Linda and I rode our bike over to Lake Havasu to see the “London Bridge” It is a bridge that some guy shipped over from London and put it back together at the lake.  it has all of the orginal lamp posts and everything.


On the third day we rode over to Oatman it’s an old mining town with wild burros running everywhere.  But the town was so rustic and you cannot believe how many bikes they can fit on the main street. 


The name says it all.  that’s why I love it.


Oatman’s main street.  Well at least half of it.

DSC03261We took route 66 from California to Kingman AZ.  We loved the road, some day I want to ride whole route.

Canada ride July 2006

July 3, 2006


We started the ride at South Valley Harley Davidson with just six riders Mike and Cara, Michael Lopez, Ken Romero and Linda and I. 

The first leg of our 3,200 mile adventure was to get to Boise as fast as we could so we jumped on I-15 and started heading north, the weather was fantastic in fact if anything it was a little to hot.  We rode all the way to Twin falls with out any big events the temperature on the road was over 100 degrees.  Thirty Miles out of Boise, Mikes Indian over heats and shuts down.  After we allowed the bike to cool I put Cara on my bike and we continued the ride.

the next day we took Mikes bike into the Harley dealership to make sure everything was fine and it check out fine. 

The real ride started we took HWY 55 out of Boise and on to Lewiston,  that has to be one of the best rides in north America.  The road just follows the river all the way, and the scenery is absolutely beautiful. 

As we approached Lewiston it was 114 degrees (go figure) I never thought northern Idaho could get that hot.  We stopped at the local Harley Dealership to get some water and to have them look at Mike’s bike again because it was making some noises.  After about 2 hours of waiting the mechanic came out and told us Mike did not have any oil left in his bike.  The good news was there was no damage to the motor but believe me we checked the oil on our bikes every morning because of the heat.

We jump back on our bike and continued our ride to Pasco where we were meeting Craig & Pat and Larry & Melody.  We arrived just before dark and we needed a beer stat.  We stayed the Red Lion I have to thank Melody for setting up the reservations because it was the “copper tone tan” competition finals that night.  But as you can imagine all of us were way to tired to really watch the show.  Well maybe we weren’t that tired.

This is where we also met up with Berkley Michael’s wife and Sherry Ken’s wife.  they both flew in to Pasco because Berkley had just had a baby.




Here’s Larry Melody, Craig, Pat, Mike, Cara and Linda just after we had diner in Sea Side Oregon.

This is where we met up with Jon and Dor Perterson now the whole group was together.



Mike either really likes to ride in shorts or he thinks his legs are sexy.  My vote is he likes to ride in shorts..


Pat was in charge of the poker games and the biggest bug on the card games every day. 

From Seaside we headed north up the coast and took the ferry from Port Anglas to Victoria Island.  It was on this ride that Dor should have won the biggest bug contest by hitting a bird.  The reason we didn’t allow her to win was the bird was just standing in the middle of the road while bike after bike just let him be…. Then came Dor… poor bird!!




Dor and Cara out for a little swin in the Camble river on Victory Island Canada


sherry wanted to bring back a souvenir .


Ken and Sherry trying to find some music they both like. 


Cara found a new mother on the ride.


we caught the ferry from Victory Island over to Vancouver this is where we left Craig, Pat Melody and Larry.


We rode East on HWY 3 (the crows nest) along the Canadian, Usa boarder.  this is another one of routes every need to do it was amazing.



we traveled east until we got to glacier national park.  we were told to ride through the park from east to west, I didn’t know why but I follow instructions very well, it’s a good thing I do because was so beautiful and with the temperature being about 80 there were water falls everywhere.  But like I said if your going to ride through the part you have to go east to west.  You will understand why after you do it.  As a side note if some one in your party has a Sportster… get gas before you enter the park.  I ran Linda out of gas and I’m still hearing about it.

From Missoula we road south over to Salmon and into Idaho falls


Then back to Salt Lake City.  The funny thing is we rode over 3000 miles without any issues but on the ride from Idaho falls to SLC we had truck and trail that was north bound jack knife right infront and we had a tire come off the car that we were following, the tire chased after me then went afterLinda.  The bikers gods were in fact looking after us on that ride because no one hurt and all of the rides made it back home safe and sound.

Mesa Verde

May 9, 2006


Copy of DSC02761

This ride started with Greg & Laura, Jon & Dor, Paul and Linda & I.  We had all heard about this ride and was very excited to see the sights.  Little did we know it was going to be so cool.

We later met up with Craig Pat, Larry and Melody.



News Paper rock
News Paper rock


Pat and Melody thinking about the meaning of life

Pat and Melody thinking about the meaning of life

Everyone else was looking at the Newspaper rock and the cool markings on the rock plus the fact they even had a written language.  Pat and Melody were wondering who had the best deals, Nordstom’s or Dillards.



Valley of the Gods with Greg and Laura
Valley of the Gods with Greg and Laura
Now this was a great ride.  It’s pretty steep on the way down and it’s a dirt road most of the way but it’s one of those rides you have to do at least once in your life.
Canyon Lands

Canyon Lands

Paul was our tour guide, he found so many ruins and cool things we would have never even known were there if he had not taken us
Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde

off the beaten path. 

Linda checking out the basement.  She hates houses without one.

Linda checking out the basement. She hates houses without one.

Up to the Penthouse

Up to the Penthouse


Sturgis 8.2003

August 4, 2003
Our first real ride on my new Heritage Clasic 2003

Our first real ride on my new Heritage Clasic 2003

This was our first real ride on my new Heritage.  We rode up through Yellowstone and on to Sturgis.  (Greg, Laura, Linda and I went to Sturgis) Everyone else turned back at Cody Wy.


Dinner in Jackson Hole

Dinner in Jackson Hole



Getting our “mojo” ready for the ride to Cody Wyoming.


My little family of bikers.


Don’t let Craig’s look fool you, he knows exactly where we are…. right….

Greg, Laura, Linda and myself left the group in Cody Wyoming and started our adventure to Sturgis.  What a great ride and we met some very interesting people on the way.


Our new hotel for the week

Our new hotel for the week

Linda and I had the Suite with the King bed and the blue walls.  The good news was we could park right in front of our room.  The wall were a little thin, the neighbors we very very very noise.  But what do you expect when you’re at the famous Buffalo Chip camp ground.

Buffalo Chip

Buffalo Chip

We thought we had the place to our selves.  Who knew that in a few hours there would be thousands of people running around and most of them pulling their tops off.  I was so disgusted that my eye dried out from not blinking for six hours. 

This was a great place to hang out and the concerts were fantastic.  Everyone has to spend a few days at Buffalo Chip to experience Sturgis.

My first Tatoo

My first Tatoo

I don’t remember it hurting, but then I really don’t remember much of that night.  I’m just glad I didn’t get the tatoo on my head or get anything pierced.


Our new friends.  Like I said everyone needs to go to Sturgis at least once.

dsc01145these were our neighbors who had the room right next to ours.  they were from Canada Butt Butt I don’t remember their names.


This was our dinning and bar table for the whole night.  As you can see Linda and Laura stopped feeling any pain hours ago.

Devils Tower

Devils Tower



One of the best rides out of Sturgis was while we were riding to Mt. Rushmore.  All of the bridges frame up the mountain as you ride through them.  It’s so beautiful and cool how they did it.


What a great town.

We left Sturgis and headed south so we could ride the Black Hills.  I think it’s better than Yellowstone myself.  The roads are wonderful and the scenery is fantastic.


On the ride back to SLC Greg and Laura needed to make a stop.  From what I understand it was a great one.
Our last stop was Steam boat springs.  But we had to ride to Craig Co. because they were out of rooms.dsc01190
From Criag Co. the ride just turns in to sage brush and long roads.  It’s so tough to recreate your first real ride to Sturgis.  I would like to go back but I’m afraid it will never be the same ride.