Rocky Point Rally 11.2007


We started this ride from our house in Mesquite and took the back road around Lake Mead to Hoover Dam and on to Kingston AZ. (I would fill up with gas in either Overton or at the Dam because this not any gas in between)


Our first experience eating at an In and Out burger.  Make sure when you order your burger you ask it to be an “animal” (added onion and other stuff).  Still not to sure what the big deals about IN and Out burgers.  I would say Artic Circle is much better.


You have to stop at the route 66 Harley Davidson


We spent the night in Sun City AZ great restaurants and some cool bars.

From Sun City we rode the 200 miles to rocky point.  I loved the ride down it was beautiful and the traffic was not bad.  I would make sure you have plenty of money because at the boarder they only allow you to get $40.00 at a time out of the ATM and they charge you $3 for each transaction.  so make sure you hit the ATM in Phoenix. 

Also buy your Mexican Insurance on-line before you go, it saved us a lot of money and you have to have it because your US insurance is not valid in Mexico.

This is the view from our room at Rocky Point.  Hard to beat a Rally with palm trees and sandy beaches. 


Do not speed or break the law in Rocky Point the federalises will pull you over and impound your bike unless you give them a bunch of money.  If you do get pulled over never show the federalise how much money you have in your wallet or you will lose it all.  this advice came from a taxi car driver who did get pulled over and it cost him $50 cash as a local.

We stayed in a gated community in some great condo’s I would recommend the gated community just about every complex in gated but it’s a great question to ask while you’re making the reservations.


The best part about Rocky Point is it’s like Sturgis with all of the girls and stuff but you have beach front bars and $1 beers Hoo Haa!!!  Plus anything goes in Mexico.


Not a lot of words to explain this shirt.


Funny the people you meet while you’re there.  Linda and I were sitting at the bar we found our server from one of the bars in Mesquite.  Her and her husband came down with a bunch of their friends, it was fun hanging out with them.  We found out later at the bar their group was a little closer to each other than Linda and I wanted to be with them.  We figured that out when the girls kept grabbing Linda’s boobs and they invited us to stay at the house they rented so we could all “party together”


The Salt lake City Harley Davidson service manager send down some of his friends to make sure we were safe and had a great time.  these guys were the best they would not let us out of their sight for any reason.  I would like to hook up with them again next time we’re down there.


Just enjoying a beverage with our new found friends.


Teno and  Sento just paid for a Mariachi  to play for Linda the funny thing was they played their song and they thought they were done until Teno reminded them they were not.  So we enjoyed about five more songs until Teno told them they were done and it was ok to stop playing,  these guys were great. 

Just like Sturgis we got good uses out of our beads.  If you want to give girls your beads buy them from the local kids they are cheaper plus you’re helping the kids. 


bikes come down the main street and burn out.  We saw tires blow and clutches fried.  I would not recommend trying the burn out.  (You’re in Mexico for gods sake) and it hard to find parts for your bike.


You will see everything at rocky Point and most of it you do not want to see and may have to spend some money and time in therapy.

As you can see from this picture people line the streets and the roof tops to see the events.  The best thing to do is just walk the streets, you will see more and it’s fun to drop in all of the bars.

These are the shimp boats.  The Rally is at The Fish Market.  The boat will just come over to the fish market and dump off tons of Shrimp that you can buy right from the boat. 

You buy it by the pound and they steam it right there in front of you and give you the bag of shrimp with the cocktail sauce so you can eat the shrimp right there.  SOOOO GOOOOOD!!!!


After a long ride and to much to drink I think the look on Linda’s face says it all.  It was a great trip and I know I will be doing it again.  Like I said if you have a chance to either go to Sturgis or Rocky Point.  I think you will happier on the beach and only paying a buck for a beer.

For those who have been to Sturgis I don’t think you will see this kind of view in South Dakota.

We took a dirrerent route back to Mesquite we came back on HWY 95 on the California side.  What a great road no traffic and just a lot of fun to ride,

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