Idaho / Wyoming Ride July 2010

This was a Hog Ride that we extended a day with some friends that really turned out great.   

Breakfast with Brent and Deanna


Our ride started at the South Valley Harley Davidson Shop and headed North.  Most of us just rode up I-15  OTHERS (the rule breakers) took the Legacy Hwy… they suck!!!  but I have to say it was a much better route . 


This was the route, it took a little longer but we stayed off of the freeway but ran into a lot of road construction.  I think every road in Utah and Idaho is being worked on right now  we rode over twenty miles on a gravel roads.  The good news is we all stayed together and had a great ride and everyone was safe. 

First rest Stop in Snowville

 It was a “fast” rest stop but well needed.  This group rides well together and for the most part everyone knows the drill; get gas, take a health break, grab some water and back on the road.  I dig it. 

Lunch at the Yurt in Albion

If you go by Albion you have to stop here, the food was good and the people are very friendly. 

The next day took us to Idaho Falls 

Another good ride to Sun Valley, it was the same ride we did last year but we went through Mud Lake to avoid more construction and to get to a little higher elevation so it was not so Hot.  I like this route because I love the Saw Tooth Mountains. 

The HOG ride stopped here but  we decided to extend the ride a day with Brent and Deanna,  this is when the ride really got started for me just because it was so beautiful and just a great ride. 

We rode up to the upper Mesa Falls on Hwy 47 


Dean, Donna, Dick, Monica, Deanna, Brent, Linda and I

 It was fun riding with this group, although you need to watch them because if someone try’s to pass everyone and then cuts into the group.  Dang they get pissed and start chasing down cars and getting into people’s faces…  Good thing I don’t get heated and can stabilize the group. 

Just another picture of my bike.

It is a good-looking bike, oh yea there’s also some friends in the back ground of the picture 

Upper Mesa Falls

Deanna showing us her minty fresh breath

The Group at the falls

You might see this picture again on your 2010 Christmas Card




Half of the group went North to Red Lodge Linda and I followed Brent and Deanna on a fantastic ride South through Yellowstone, Jackson Hole and on to Thayne Wyoming 


Linda and Deanna have never shopped together but they have all of the same jackets and shirts… More often than not they show up with matching clothes on. 

Just resting our butts. I cannot spend as much time in the saddle on this Road Glide like I could with my Heritage.

The Teton's They have to be the most beautiful mountains in the world


Deanna holding the camera over her head taking a picture of Linda and I.


Thayne…. WOW… what can I say about Thayne.  Well lets start with the placed we stayed at, it was called the Cabin Creek Inn.  This is a place I would stay at again.  In fact we have already booked some rooms for next month we liked it so much.  Deanna did a great job researching and finding these cabins.


Just sitting in the swing in front of one of the cabins

Our cabin was called the "Hunting Lodge"

Here's the in side of our cabin. Great room and beds were so soft.

Brent and Deanna got the Bears Den. (Brent getting his bear game face on)

Inside of the Bears Den.

This is where the "Freak Show" started. The owner is sitting right next to me

After dinner we decided to go out for a drink at “Dad’s Place”.  That is where the fun really began…. WOW we walked in and had a conversation with the owner Jodi (with an “I” no “Y”)  she had to know  our names, by the way she loves the names Brent and Rick.  I think we could have said Bob and Dan and she would have loved those names as well.  This gal was a real piece of work but mostly just freaky.  The kitchen was closed but she had to show us her freezer and all the meat she stocked.  She also wanted to cook us a steak.  We kept telling her we had just eaten at Juan’s (great Mexican food just down the street). 

After she settled down about our names and we convinced her we did not want any dinner she told us her “Bar Name” Bambi La Beck.  funny thing is when you say Bambi La Beck her nipples get hard, it was the funnest thing she had to stick tissue down her bra so we could take the picture.  Her story is just to long to blog so if you want more details get with me. 

After that, we encounter the local drunk he came in and started talking to us.  Let me set the stage, four Harley riders with four Harley shirts and three Harley hats.  He comes in and says “Do you ride Honda’s”  We said no… we ride Harley Davidson’s.  he talk a little more and he says so…. Why would you ride Honda’s and not Harley’s.  we pointed out our shirts and hats and told him again we ride Harley’s.  He talked a little longer and said something like it’s ok if you ride Honda’s but I like Harley’s.  Well we had had enough so we changed the subject to his hair and lack of commitment with his girlfriend that he had been dating for three years, I might have taken it a little far when I motioned the “Ass slap” when talking about his girlfriend he said;  Lets go outside… My first thought was this drunk has to be kidding and I think he was because we never did go “outside” but I think if we had Deanna would have jumped in and kicked his ass for me.  Not that she couldn’t on his best day but this guy was so drunk a strong breeze would have knocked him over. 

So we are just leaving the Bar and the owner (remember Jodi) grabs Linda and says I love you guys but I want beat you up!  This place was so crazy we are going back next month.  Deanna put it best this is a Steven King town.  Linda is blaming it on the full moon.  What ever it was this town is anything but dull and quite.  If you feel like just getting into a fight or being a little freaked out in a town that Alfred Hitchcock would be proud of spend a night in Thayne Wyoming.

This the route we took home. 

The good news was there was not any road constraction from West Yellowstone all the way home.

This was our last stop, we had lunch at Chris’s at the bottom of trappers loop. Great lunch and the best fry’s I have ever had.

what a great ride the weather was perfect and company was fantastic!!

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  1. Brent Says:

    This is soooo great( and true!!)
    Had a blast and can’t wait to do it again.
    And Rick writes a GREAT blog!

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