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Canada ride July 2006

July 3, 2006


We started the ride at South Valley Harley Davidson with just six riders Mike and Cara, Michael Lopez, Ken Romero and Linda and I. 

The first leg of our 3,200 mile adventure was to get to Boise as fast as we could so we jumped on I-15 and started heading north, the weather was fantastic in fact if anything it was a little to hot.  We rode all the way to Twin falls with out any big events the temperature on the road was over 100 degrees.  Thirty Miles out of Boise, Mikes Indian over heats and shuts down.  After we allowed the bike to cool I put Cara on my bike and we continued the ride.

the next day we took Mikes bike into the Harley dealership to make sure everything was fine and it check out fine. 

The real ride started we took HWY 55 out of Boise and on to Lewiston,  that has to be one of the best rides in north America.  The road just follows the river all the way, and the scenery is absolutely beautiful. 

As we approached Lewiston it was 114 degrees (go figure) I never thought northern Idaho could get that hot.  We stopped at the local Harley Dealership to get some water and to have them look at Mike’s bike again because it was making some noises.  After about 2 hours of waiting the mechanic came out and told us Mike did not have any oil left in his bike.  The good news was there was no damage to the motor but believe me we checked the oil on our bikes every morning because of the heat.

We jump back on our bike and continued our ride to Pasco where we were meeting Craig & Pat and Larry & Melody.  We arrived just before dark and we needed a beer stat.  We stayed the Red Lion I have to thank Melody for setting up the reservations because it was the “copper tone tan” competition finals that night.  But as you can imagine all of us were way to tired to really watch the show.  Well maybe we weren’t that tired.

This is where we also met up with Berkley Michael’s wife and Sherry Ken’s wife.  they both flew in to Pasco because Berkley had just had a baby.




Here’s Larry Melody, Craig, Pat, Mike, Cara and Linda just after we had diner in Sea Side Oregon.

This is where we met up with Jon and Dor Perterson now the whole group was together.



Mike either really likes to ride in shorts or he thinks his legs are sexy.  My vote is he likes to ride in shorts..


Pat was in charge of the poker games and the biggest bug on the card games every day. 

From Seaside we headed north up the coast and took the ferry from Port Anglas to Victoria Island.  It was on this ride that Dor should have won the biggest bug contest by hitting a bird.  The reason we didn’t allow her to win was the bird was just standing in the middle of the road while bike after bike just let him be…. Then came Dor… poor bird!!




Dor and Cara out for a little swin in the Camble river on Victory Island Canada


sherry wanted to bring back a souvenir .


Ken and Sherry trying to find some music they both like. 


Cara found a new mother on the ride.


we caught the ferry from Victory Island over to Vancouver this is where we left Craig, Pat Melody and Larry.


We rode East on HWY 3 (the crows nest) along the Canadian, Usa boarder.  this is another one of routes every need to do it was amazing.



we traveled east until we got to glacier national park.  we were told to ride through the park from east to west, I didn’t know why but I follow instructions very well, it’s a good thing I do because was so beautiful and with the temperature being about 80 there were water falls everywhere.  But like I said if your going to ride through the part you have to go east to west.  You will understand why after you do it.  As a side note if some one in your party has a Sportster… get gas before you enter the park.  I ran Linda out of gas and I’m still hearing about it.

From Missoula we road south over to Salmon and into Idaho falls


Then back to Salt Lake City.  The funny thing is we rode over 3000 miles without any issues but on the ride from Idaho falls to SLC we had truck and trail that was north bound jack knife right infront and we had a tire come off the car that we were following, the tire chased after me then went afterLinda.  The bikers gods were in fact looking after us on that ride because no one hurt and all of the rides made it back home safe and sound.