Here are some of the pictures we have of Kim, as I find others I will post them

Our favorite picture

Kimberly Jo Christensen“Kimmie”October 14, 1989 ~ December 16, 2010 Kim Christensen passed away on December 16, 2010, in Sandy, Utah.She was born on October 14, 1989, in Salt Lake City to Richard and Linda Christensen.  Kim graduated from Bingham High school and went to college at Dixie State. She enjoyed boating and snowboarding.  Kim was funny, loyal, self-reliant, fun, serious, playful, shy, disorganized, yet professional; but most of all she knew the value of friendship. People always knew where they stood with Kim, and she would defend her friends, sometimes to a fault. Though not everyone got to really know her, those who did, knew they had a friend for life. Her sister, Tonianne, was her very best friend. She loved her family and any children, but most of all her nephew, Talon. Kimberly was so much fun to play games with because of her competitive nature. No matter what the game was, it was serious and she was going to win.  Kim is survived by her parents, Richard and Linda; her sister, Tonianne Christensen-Wolski; nephew, Talon Wolski; grandparents, Connie Christensen, Larry and Anita Norton, and June and Clint Black; Great Grandmother Mabel Pomeroy, many aunts, uncles, and cousins, who love and will miss her. She is preceded in death by her grandfather, H. Lynn Christensen.Funeral services will be held on Tuesday, December 21, 2010, at 11:00 AM at Larkin Sunset Gardens, 1950 E. 10600 So., Sandy. Friends and family may call Monday evening from 6-8 PM and one hour prior to the services at the same location. Interment to follow at Larkin Sunset Gardens Cemetery.“Kim, we will miss your infectious smile and the lame joke at the dinner table. We love you, Kim, and we know Grandpa will take care of his little “Pumpkin.”

Here’s the program, You may have to click on it to see it better.  The only change in the program was Rick (Linda’s Brother) never made it.


You might have to click on the picture to see it better. But this is Kimberly’s newborn picture from the Cottonwood Hospital where she was born. She did not want to come out and see the wold all that bad. Linda was in labor for twenty two hours. But when did finally come out, she was pissed. I think she cried over everything. She did not like change. She did not like anyone with a Cowboy hat, Baseball hat or Cowboy boots. And if you were not her Mother or Father you had little chance holding her. As you can imagine Santa Claus had no chance at all.

Funny how over the years she became such a social butterfly and wanted to try everything she could. But if she was going to do it, she was going to do it right, and if she had the chance, she was going to Win!!!

Kim and Tonianne at our Father’s Day party. Love this picture of my Girls. I truly have the two best Girls that were ever born!!!

Here she is at Utah Lake.  Once Kim decided that water was fun we could not get her out of it.  Here she is waiting to jump in.

There were many sides of Kim

Rapper Kim

Pool Shark Kim

If you click on the picture you will see she even won the Christensen pool championship!

Lovable and adoring Kim, You have to click on this picture her smiles has not changed one bit.  Love this picture

Princess Kim or Snow White Kim

Church going Kim

Sports Kim

Camping Kim

Cheerleader Kim

Ute Fan Kim

And Grandpa’s little pumpkin Kim!!!

This is Kim with Tristan, Josh and her friend Stephanie at the Anasazi Ruins at Lake Powell.  Laura started calling Kim Mowgli from the Jungle Book because she was always on the run exploring everything,  she was so brown from the sun and she was so skinny,  then you add that thick thick hair that just seemed to just go everywhere when it got wet and you get a perfect Mowgli.  Although she didn’t like the name to much it fit so it stuck.

When the wind was blowing to hard to water ski or tube, Kim would sit all of the kids down (even the boys) and teach them how to make necklaces with some string and beads.  If you click on the picture you will see the matching necklaces and you see that her smile has never changed over the years.

Here is Kim and Chambre after our Easter egg hunt at Lake Powell, Because they were always the youngest they always got to go first

For years we always celebrated Easter at Lake Powell with an Easter egg hunt on the beach.  We would hide a few hundred eggs for the kids to find.  We always let the little kids out first and they were always the last ones to come in because we they had to find every egg before we could go home.


This is Kim with our Dog Maiden. This dog protected Kim at all cost. Kim could pull on her ears or do anything to this dog and Madian loved every minute. Well loved might be a strong word but she didn’t seem to mind to much. Tonianne on the other hand was fair game. Funny how dogs treat kids differently depending on age.


This is Kim and I out duck hunting. We didn’t shoot to many duck this day because Kim was more interested in standing up and showing Maiden where the ducks were. Trust me Maiden didn’t need any help but it was so cute just watching Kim hold Maiden’s head and point out the ducks as they came flying over I just couldn’t stop her. It could have also been those bright pink gloves that kept the ducks away as well. It was just fun having her with me. Maiden loved it too.


When Kim was twelve years old she was in the top 2% of all the kids in School for academics, so they invited her to join People to People Ambassador’s. She had to interview all of the Utah Political figures like the Governor and Mayor of Salt Lake City. Then they took the kids to Australia and NewZealand for five weeks to see their culture and leaders and have some fun along the way.  She even got to interview and live with the Aborigines for a week in the bush. She had to interview them and report back on how they run their countries and local areas. She loved it, Mom and Dad were a little nervous and so excited when she came home.

IMG_0532Kim was an amazing dancer. These kids practiced every afternoon from 4:00 to 9:00 M-F. There was one year she was in eleven different dances. She quickly became the team leader as they went on winner competition after competition.

Kim doing a little wake boarding.  Kim never did learn to water ski.  It was the tubes or wake boarding for her.

Believe it or not Kim did not get knocked out of the tube even with the tube on its edge and Kim half way out of the tube she some how saved it from tipping over.  She was good on the tubes.

Kim only got on my bike one time, she hated the helmet because it messed up her hair and I happened to get a picture of it.

Love this picture of Kim and Tonianne.

Some of her Friends before the prom dance.

Kim, Linda and Talon at the condo in Mesquite. We would go down to the condo just about every other weekend some time more than that but every time we would go down we would have dinner with Kim and she would follow us down to Mesquite so we could spend the weekend together.  These were some of the best times we had with Kim because it was just us playing games and putting puzzles together.  She loved games but she always played to win.  I loved it…

One of our many trips to Lake Mead.  She loved just hanging out on the front of the boat until it was time to either tube or wake board.

This is also the time when Kim and I had our “Diving and Coasting” competitions.  This is where we would both get on the back of the boat Linda would count us down and we would dive in the water to see how far we could go without taking a breath or using our arms or legs.  I always won but I don’t think she ever figured it out that it was because of my weight that I could travel further under water.  I know she just loved the competition.  It was fun seeing her get so frustrated that I would win every time all she would have had to do was kick her feet or swim a little and she would have won, but cheating at a game was not in Kim’s DNA.  I guess I could have let her win once in a while but if she would have found out I let her win I don’t think she would have played again.

Kim and Tonianne in Cabo

Kim and Tonianne riding the four wheeler in Mexico

this was our trip to Cancun the girls had a blast on the four wheelers Tonianne almost flipped her’s over so she was done driving that’s when Kim took over from there.   I know what you’re thinking Kim and driving…. I don’t think anyone had more tickets or dents in their car than Kim.   This was great trip because Kim liked to go fast.  So she and I took off on the four wheelers and had a blast running around the mountain sides.

Every year we had The HOG Haven Rest Stop at the MS 150 where my family would put together the rest stop for the bike riders.  This is one of the things the girls liked to do.  I think they spent most of the time just messing with the riders but that was ok they were having fun and the riders really enjoyed their company.  We won the best rest stop most of the time.  I know how much Kim didn’t want to put her College studies on hold but this is one of the events Kim would come up from St. George to attend with us.   Another thing about Kim she had a lot of passion about supporting the MS 150 I don’t thing she ever missed a year.

Cabo Wabo.  in Cabo San Lucas Kim and Tonianne didn’t really think Cabo Wabo was that cool so they took a cab back to the hotel while Linda and I stayed with Greg and Laura.

Kim liked anything that went fast.  Trust me as a father I had to close my eyes a lot but If I got to nervous I found myself right out there with her, it didn’t seem so frightening then,  But then it always turned into a race.

I was always out numbered on the boat when it came to male vs female.  So after pulling kids through the water it was time to turn the boat into a very expensive tanning bed.  I did get a lot of reading in.

Just hanging out on the raft.  This is the only way to spend time in the Sun at Lake Mead in the summer.  They loved it because the raft has a mesh bottom to cool off in.

Kim and her friend Meg in St. George on her 21st birthday.  We had a surprise birthday party at Todd’s house for her.  I think this was one of the only events Kim as not late for.  She must have known….

Meg was Kim’s other mother in St. George.  I think she lived there most of the time and Em her daughter was such a big part of Kim’s life as well.  Kim always did bond with kids but Kim and Em had a special relationship.  I hope Em remembers Kim the rest of her life.

Kim’s smile was always brighter when she was around Em and Talon.  She would have been a fantastic mother.

Kimberly’s friend Meg’s Tattoo.

High School Graduation  these three have been friends most of their life.  Meg and Jer Friendships do last forever… Please stay close

Getting ready for a Prom with the “Who needs Boys” look.  All Kim needed was her friends and something to do and she was in her happy place.

Kim with her DADYGRL and Tonianne with her DADEGRL licence plates. I’m not sure they liked the licence plates as much as I did but hey I’m the Dad.

Kim car was later named the “Snow Ball” by all of her friends.

Just another Prom

Kim and Harley on the tube.  She loved animals too.

Kim and Linda and my mother in the background at one of our family parties.  Kim loved it when the whole family got together.

Every year we plan a motorcycle ride with our friends from Colorado.  This was our ride where we rode around all of the parks in Southern Utah.  One of our stops was in Springdale, Utah so Kim decided to come meet us for dinner while we were so close to St. George.  You will have to click on the picture to see her.  She’s the only one under the age of 45.  The best part about Kim is she felt just as comfortable around all of my friends as she does around all of her friends.  She fit in just as well and everyone could not help but to love this little girl.  Although we normally don’t have the Police bust our parties so I’m sure she was looking for a little more excitement.

Here is a better picture of just us in Springdale.

Kim with some of her friends in St. George

Some of Kim’s Dixie College friends.  She really had some great friends in St. George.

You might have to click on this picture to see everyone.

I’m not sure where this photo was taken but I think it was in St. George. I think all of these kids were just getting together to study for their Math quiz….. Or it could have been a huge party.  Either way I’m sure they were having fun at it.

Kim and I at Tonianne’s wedding.  She was Tonianne’s Maid of Honor.

We had a few of Kim’s local and Dixie College friends come over to the house so we could tell “Kim Stories” that all seemed to end the same way “And Kim came up with a plan to get us out so we did not get busted by the Police” although some of her best plans were “RUN” not much of a plan if you ask me but it seemed to work.  It was so good for us and I know it was good for them as well.

The best part was the St. George Police, I think they also enjoyed the “Cat and Mouse” hunt because Kim would get pulled over for speeding or when she totaled her car with a suspended License (her fault) they always just let her go, in fact protected her by not giving her a ticket.

One of Kim’s friends Jer got a tattoo to remember her.

Kim loving on Talon again.  Boy she loves this kid and she never missed an opportunity to take him somewhere.  All of her friends knew the back seat was for Talon and his car seat.

This is the very last picture I ever took of Kim. Feeding Talon and loving every minute of the it.

The last time I had the opportunity to talk to Kim was the night before she passed away.  She was going on a date and she asked me to cut her bangs because they were too long.  I did a terrible job because I have never done it before.  Kim just looked in the mirror brushed them around and said how do they look.  I say Ok I guess and she said thanks, love you Dad and took off.

Most girls would have had a heart attack  and found some way of not going on the date, not Kim because she accepted people for who they were and expected the same acceptance.

This is the picture Anita (Linda’s Mom) painted for us.  It’s the place Kim liked to go most as a kid, Lake Powell we spend so many great weekends and weeks there with our friends and all of her friends.  She just loved the place and had so much fun playing in the mud and in the water.  If you click on the picture you we see five birds.  Anita put the birds on there to represent Linda, Tonianne, Talon and myself with Kim just a little higher watching over us.

Here’s a close up of the birds.  Anita thinks of everything.  Thank you Anita you have no idea how much this painting means to us.

I think the marker turned out pretty well.

The marker is in and it looks great, if you have a chance go up and visit her.  If you knew Kim well then you know how much she hated to be alone.  We miss her so much.

As you can tell there are a lot of people who miss Kim.  Linda and I find flower or something special by her maker all of the time.  Thank you all for visiting and remembering her.

My sales team at Qwest gave Linda  and I a gift check so we bought a bench for Kim to have at the house.

We had them add a piece of bronze that says Kimmy and the date.  It looks so good I just love it.

I think it turned out pretty good.

Here’s Linda sitting with Kim.  This is where I go just to sit with her and think, the grave is nice but when I need to be alone this has turned into the place I like to visit most.


We are always thinking about you Kim. But I would give anything to “hear you talk back” We miss you so much.

One person’s tragedy is another person’s blessing.  Here is a letter from a person who was on the receiving end of a blessing.  If you click on the picture you can read it.

Kelsey Kim’s friend put together a Candle light Vigil to celebrate Kim’s 22 birthday.  It was great we had about 50 or 60 friends show up.  We had about seventy balloons and we all wrote messages on the balloons to Kim and let them all go at the same time.  It was a full moon and as the balloons floated up  in the air the light of the moon lit them up, it was so beautiful.  After that we all stood in a circle and each took a turn remembering Kim.  Let me tell you it was tough for everyone to get through it but it was interesting that just about everyone talked about friendship and how she taught them what a true friend was.

Kim’s friend Meg from St. George wrote a beautiful poem that Katie read for her.

Today, what would have been your 22nd birthday there is no candles there is no cake

There is no standing around watching the clock laughing “oh kimmis late”

there is no laughter there is no surprise.

Today is the day where all we do is cry.

over this cold patch of grass, weeping with tissues in hand

this is a day where i really miss my best friend.

You had plans, you had dreams i wonder who wanted to be

had he not taken you and set you free.

I see in you in the store and in the Corolla at the light.

I catch myself crying out your name late at night.

It was so sudden, like a thief in the night he took you away

without the chance to say good-bye.

I miss you today and i will surely miss you tomorrow

A short life taken without explanation.

a mother’s heart broken and fathers life shattered

a sister left to fight and a nephew who will never be lucky enough to know

It isn’t fair and its right but i know that you’re the one who will be alright.

Up with than angels singing at his pearly white gates, your grandpa having his

“lil pumpkin” back, life and fate are strange that way.

No words will bring you back because i have tried them all.

No tears will change the fact that god took his angel back.

I will sing you happy birthday every year for the rest of my life

and i will sob every december knowing that another year has passed by.

I will never forget the life lessons you taught me like how to be strong when nothing seems right.

To laugh when your late and cry when your sad, to never let a man hurt me again.

You showed my daughter more love than i could have ever asked for

kimmi you meant the world to me.

So happy Birthday to my best friend, Rick and Linda’s daughter, Toniannes sister and Talons Aunt.

you will NEVER be forgotten but you will forever be missed.

Everyone had a candle and some of us placed them around Kim’s marker.

Here’s some of us who attended the event.

Some of the people came over to the house for some snacks and drinks.  Here are a few of them taking a picture Kimberly style.

Happy Birthday Kim!!! One of the things I wrote on balloon was that I hope she knew how much she was loved and how many true friends she had.

This is what it looked like  the next morning.  I don’t know who arranged the candles in the shape of a heart but it was a very nice touch.  Thank you.

In November they are done mowing the lawn so they allow us to keep thing at Kim’s marker.  This is what her marker looks like at night the four lights really light up so it’s easy to find, even in the snow everyone will still be able to find her.

If you click on the picture you can see a picture that Meg left up there of Meg, Em and Kim that she took while Kim was in St. George.

Kim’s Christmas 2011

Funny thing about Kim was she liked the stocking she received at Christmas as much as the presents because Linda always filled it full of the stuff she needed like socks, toothpaste, etc. As you can see from this picture she had a lot of visitors.  My Mom and Sister Pat brought in the additional flowers, Brent and Deanna left the wreath, and Brenda and Roger left the tree for her and some of her friends left the other decorations.  Kim has so many great friends and family!!

We decided to leave town because we thought the holidays would just be to hard to be in town for, so we packed up Tonianne and Talon and headed for Lake Havasu. On our way down we thought it was appropriate to stop at the boat on December 16 to remember Kim because this was one of her happy places.  It was so cute we had a moment of silence right at the boat as we all where hugging and crying little Talon was patting my back.  It was so nice having whole family down there.

I have been told, Loosing a loved one is like when you pull a plant out of the ground it leaves a hole and over time that hole gets filled in with other things and less noticeable.  That is not true… in fact this hole just keeps getting bigger over time.

I have always said that wealth is not a measurement of money or success but how many true friendships you develop and if you are lucky enough to leave this world with just one true friend that is success and wealth.  Kim you left this world one of the wealthiest people I know.

Here’s my new Tattoo.  It took me a while to figure out what I wanted. I think the Angel wings over my heart is perfect.

On April 13 2012 they had a Donors Celebration for everyone who has had a person in their family who has been a donor. They made a huge quilt with the donors pictures on them.

Here’s one of the quilts Kim’s picture is on the far right three up from the bottom if you click on the picture you can see it.

The lighting was bad but here is the photo closer up.  Janell Sims help Linda screen it on the fabric.  The pink fabric is one of Kim’s favorite shirts she had in her closet.

Tonianne and Linda standing next to Kim.  It was a great presentation but it brought back to many memories.

They also had a picture of Kim on the big screen TV If you click on it you can see it better.

This year on memorial Day we found a little chalkboard so people could write a little message to Kim.  It was a huge hit in fact next year we are going to buy one a little larger because this one was full.  You will have to click on the picture to see all of the writing.

I think next year we will get one about 2′ X 3′.

Here is another amazing tattoo from another one of Kim’s best friends Nicole.

If you click on it you will be able to read it better.  I think this one says it all.  Thank you Nicole for keeping Kim’s memory alive.  I know how much your friendship meant to her and to Linda and I.

At the Library in SLC they have a tribute to all of the organ donors on the South East of the Library.  If you park on 3rd East just before you get to 5th South is the best place to park.  You see several glass markers with names on them.

Kim’s name is on the Third glass marker starting from the West and going East and she in on the 18th row.  It is pretty cool because they light up the glass at night.

Happy 23rd Birthday Sweetheart!!!  We love and miss you so very much!!!

Here we are getting ready to let go of our 23 balloons with messages to Kim on them.

Here are some of the people who came to Kimberly’s Birthday party we have the best friends and family.  It was nice having some of my family here this year to enjoy it with us.  If you look at last years picture we took on her 22nd birthday you will notice I am wearing the same shirt.  That was the last shirt Kim and Toni gave me for Father’s Day.

Like last year we all came back to our house for some Chocolate chocolate Cake and cookie dough ice-cream. Kim’s favorite.

photo (2) (2)

Here is what Kim’s grave looks like this year.  I know she will have many visitors again this year unfortunately the pain is still as sharp as it was two years ago for everyone.

A good friend shared this poem on face book that I think was appropriate for the time of year.


You will have to click on it to read it.


Happy 24th Birthday Sweetheart!!!  We all miss you so much.


The Family as you can tell Mason is not here… Well he didn’t wait long because he was born on Kim’s birthday just 24 years later.


Talon letting go the 24 balloons.  He said that was fun papa can we do it again tomorrow.


Meg found another great picture of Em and Kim.

Em is now eleven years old, she drew this picture of her and Kim just from looking at the picture she has in her room. If you look at the picture right above it you can see she did an amazing job

Kim Eater 2014

April 2014 Another Easter without you sweetheart there is still not a day I do not think about your smile and your fun personality.  I also wonder what amazing things you would be doing in your personal and professional life.  Would you be married would, you have children. Would you own your own Insurance agency or would you be back in School.  So many questions and no answers the only thing I know for sure is how much we miss you. I love you so much Sweetheart!!!

This is one of the earlier post on Kim’s Facebook that Meg wrote.  Crap as soon as I read it here come the tears so there’s your warning if you don’t want to cry stop reading

A cold winter’s night my life was forever changed. The ringing of the phone as the snow softly fell outside , the words he began to speak echo in my head still to this day. Surrounded by air yet I couldn’t find a way to breath. My knees got weak and my heart heavy I felt a piece of me die inside the day I lost you. The angels cried and the heavens weaped as my best friend flew to heaven forever at peace. I couldn’t let go, I couldn’t believe I wanted you home, safe with me. The tears I cried stung like a knife, a short life taken far too early I knew this day I would forever have to travel this journey without you by my side. It’s all a blur still to this day and each passing day doesn’t make it better. The pain won’t fade and the tears still fall, enough to fill a million oceans again and again.To hear your laugh just one more time. To see you smile would make my day. To feel your arms wrapped around me, I would forever be complete. So this day what would be your 22nd birthday I make this plea to the manaboveDear God please take mykimmi and hold her close, tell her you needed her more than we did. Show her the milky way and let her dance with the angels at your pearly gate. Give her a chance to pour out the rain and paint the rainbow however she wants. Keep her warm and remind her how much we love her and miss her. Remind her to smile because she lights up the world when she does and let her laugh till the heavens echo. Play Shanghi with her and let her play with the babies before you send them this way. Keep her safe until its time for me to come home. Make sure she knows that she was my best friend and I needed her more than she ever needed me. Remind her she showed me strength and courage when I thought everything was hopeless. Tell her she will never be forgotten and this world is a sadder place without her. Thank you for the time I was blessed to have her in my life. I am a better person because of her and I forever be grateful to be her friend.I miss you Kimberly Jo “Chong” Christensen. 10/14/1989-12/16/2010

Cheech and chong forever and a day. I will never forget you. Happy Birthday!!

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Kim would have been 25 today.  It was so beautiful last night Linda and I took her birthday decorations up and let go her balloons after we wrote a message for her. After four years I still cannot believe she is gone. You would think I could get a grip on it by now.

Kim 25

It was kind of nice just having Linda and I there last night. We will have everyone over tonight for her favorite cake and ice cream.  I don’t really know what day is harder her birthday or the anniversary of her passing.

Here’s a picture of her marker this morning

Kim 25 yearsI think this is the greenest the grass has ever been this late in the year. The yellow roses really stand out.

Meg and Em kim's birthday

Meg and Em Celebrating Kim’s 25th Birthday


It’s been four years we have had Christmas without you sweetheart.  As you can see mom still hasn’t forgot to hang your stocking up. We know how much you loved all the stuff mom would put in it for you.


Easter again Kim, We miss you so much and think of you every day.


We got a great photo of Jon, Tonianne, Talon and Mason on your bench this Easter. What a great picture. I know it sounds crazy but to me it felt like the whole family was together.


We celebrated your birthday in Mesquite this year with the boys, This is the only years the “26” will work out for all of you. Mason is 2 and Talon is 6. So with you being 26 it worked out great.


Tonianne writing you a message on a balloon.


As you can see Mom had already written on one for you.


It was funny how the one balloon Talon Wrote on stayed with all of the pink balloons. Like all the pink balloons were perfecting it.


Linda and I were traveling so Tonianne went up and decorated your marker for us this year.  She did a wonderful job.  To say again that we miss you is redundant but I just can’t help myself.  Damn we miss you sweetheart.  It still feels like it was just yesterday when we were playing games and having fun in Mesquite as a family.  I will never forget your personality, your laugh and beautiful smile.


You might have to click on it but the words to the Song Dancing In the Sky, fit so well when I think of you. We miss you so much sweetheart.


Happy Birthday Kim 2016…

Kim’s birthday 2017. If you click on the picture you can see what Talon wrote on one of the balloons. Talon wrote notes from him and Mason before we let them go.

Another Christmas and holiday season without you sweetheart. I still cannot update your blog without crying.

It will be seven years and we still cannot Muster up enough strength or desire to put up a Christmas tree or celibate the season. We do the best we can with Tonianne and the grandkids. Maybe next year will be the year we can do it. We just miss you so much and Christmas season still reminds us of that fateful day we lost you forever. We do remember how much you loved Christmas, so we will continue to decorate your marker every year until we pass away. I Miss your smile and personality so much Kimberly.

With Linda and I living in Mesquite Tonianne went up to Kim’s marker, Talon and Mason helped her decorate it for Easter. They did a wonderful job!

We had the whole family up helping us prepare Kim’s marker this year. It turned out great and I think the kids had a fun time helping us.

Here is a close up look to see it better.

Tonianne and the boys decorated Kim’s marker this year for us. They did an amazing job. I don’t understand how they remember her but The boys talk like they knew her well and miss her so much. Talon was only one years old and Mason never did meet her.

Memorial 2019 Great picture of Tonianne’s family sitting on Kim’s bench with her.

Meg went up to her marker and put some flowers on it.

Memorial Day 2019 is the first time Em as seen Kim’ Marker. Those two had such a great bond when Em was one. Em says she still remembers Kim and still talks to her. I with I was a child and still had communication with Kim.

We celebrated Kim’s 30th birthday with the family in Mesquite. Everyone wrote Kim a message on a balloon even Mason. I cannot believe she would have been 30 this year.

Kim’s friend Megan posted this on Facebook

You were always at heavens door….

I should have seen it from day one. You were a starburst in real life. You radiated life, adventure, love. You came into my world like a comet, yet the most amazing, colorful and impactful comet, the world has never seen. Yet there I stood, so blessed watching as you grew, learned and mostly shared your errors and triumphs. There is was may 27, 2009 and my daughter, your soon to be everything was born. Never not once did I ask you to change a diaper, no you volunteered you wanted to be prepared for Talon, your nephew on the way. Your first. You wanted to experience everything good bad and the nasty. Oh the moments you and Em had delighted my life. You would walk in and she would run saying “immi, immi” and I knew from that moment my child ain’t mine til you left. Such good memories. I never imagined I could live without you. And here we are ten years down the road. Emmarie is 11 and could so benefit from your presence, your advice and love, and to be honest I could too. I wonder every year “who would you be now” but then I go back through everything and realize. You were always at heavens door. God blessed this world with you for 21 years, he gave us your talents, love , kindness and acceptance. Your laughter and tears. Your good days and bad, he blessed us with one of his greatest gifts. Tho not long enough to us most days. At the end he gave us you until your choirs were done. I am so thankful for you, the time as short as it was, the memories and laughter, the bond with my daughter. Your friendship and trust. God bless kimmi jo. We love you. See you on the flip side xoxo your chinch


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  1. Ken Says:

    Perfect saying on the marker.

  2. juneblack Says:

    that look good we miss her to and i miss txting her a her sweet way that had we love her alot and she will always bein our hearts

  3. Cory Olsen Says:

    Great photo gallery. I especially like the recent photo of the four of you together arm in arm. The marker stone is an amazing monument – beautiful job!

  4. Staci Dunn Says:

    The marker is beautiful, you are an amazing family. I am honored to call you my friends! Love Stac

  5. Heidi Says:

    The Marker looks great. Wonderful pictures… Love you Rick, Linda, and Tonianne.

  6. Laura Says:

    I’ts a perfect marker . . . a little Lake Powell . . . a little Lake Mead . . . a little St. George hills . . . a beautiful Rose. Tonnianne, seeing her hold Talon takes my breath . . .

  7. Uncle Jim and Aunt Pat Says:

    Beautiful marker to commemorate a beautiful young lady. Such a loss to everyone who knew her, but she lives on in all of you. So glad that Talon and all of you were there together in one house. You have all been so special to us and our children thru the years. We love you..

  8. maddog62 Says:

    I am Allen James sister Judee. I also have MS. I was in IMC having my Tysabri infusion on Tuesday and met Ace Taylor’s daughter there. She told me that your daughter Kim died in a car accident in Decemember. I can’t believe it. I use to go to Wingars often just because of her. She was such a wonderful person. When she was going to school in St. George we went on a vacation and made sure we we went to Wingars so she could be our waitress. It was really the only reason we went to St. George. You should be so proud of your daughter. She was so kind and giving. I am 56 years old and I learned so much from her about being charitable. We had relgious discussions, and Kim had something amazing about her and I know she has a special mission on the other side that she was called to that you nor I could fulfill. She is one I look forward to seeing on the other side of the veil when I die. My husband is Dennis Stewart who grew up on the other side of the street that you lived on. Kim and I thought it was so neat and then when she found out that my sister in-law Debbie Nordfeltf’s little brother Greg was your best friend we felt like we were related almost. If I would have known about this. I would not have missed her funeral for anything. What a good parent you are for raising a beautiful daughter like Kim.

    Judee James Stewart.

  9. megan coatses Says:

    I love all the pictures of Kim and even though i wasnt there for much of them i just have to close my eyes and i know exactly how it would have gone. Emmy still loves Kimmi so much and asks about her all the time, everyday actually. I will never let Emmy forget Kimmi ever.

  10. megan coates Says:

    A blessing born one mid October night, and angel taken one cold December day.
    A year has passed but to me it seems like just yesterday.
    Nothing makes sense, why you were taken instead of any of them.
    Where were you going, please Kimmi help us understand.
    Give me a sign; Help me find that faith to know that my Best Friend is ok.
    Not a day passes that I don’t think of you and wish you were here with me.
    To laugh and joke, to help me make stir fry just like the old days.
    To hear Em call you name and see your eyes light up, I would give anything for just one more moment like that.
    To get a text that you missed you alarm, or to wait around because well Kimmi you were always late.
    To see your dad smile and hear your mom laugh I don’t think they have since that day.
    I’m sorry I wasn’t there, I’m sorry I never told you all everything I should have told you like lucky I am to have you as my Best friend. And that you are smart and crazy, loving and outta control. Funny and realistic, Generous and amazing. Charismatic and down to earth, corky and hilarious.
    What I wouldn’t give to teach you to make instant rice again, to watch you chase Em around the house filling the air with your sweet laughter. To hug you and tell you that I love you. To see your name on my caller Id to run around like we didn’t have a care in the world.
    A year is a long time but nothing like a lifetime, a lifetime without you is a hard thing to fathom. I missed you yesterday, last week and last month, I still miss you today and will tomorrow and for the lifetime to follow. Nothing ease’s the pain not time, not talking not even crying.
    All I want for Christmas this year is for my Best Friend back, a wish I know not even Santa can grant.

  11. Roberto Raul Lopez III Says:

    Love all the stories and Pictures. I know we all miss Kim very much, she was and still is a wonderful person.

    I just want to say that none of us should be sad. I know we all knew her well enough to know that, if she had a choice she would want us all to be happy. So keeping her in our thoughts and beings strong, happy, and enjoy every second of our lives, because i truely believe thats what she would have wanted. Love You Kim and love all of you as well.

  12. Laura Says:

    Kimmy, if a year going by was supposed to help ease the pain, well it didn’t. Watching your parents was excruciating and I thought my own heart would fall out from missing you when I wasn’t just sick for them. We all miss you and your fun beautiful heart. I hate it that Talon will not know you-such a sweet little boy …. but your Dad is right …. you sure are a wealthy little girl. What a great measure of your life …. I love you …. Laura

  13. maddog62 Says:

    I cried when you passed away. I still cry today. Although I loved you dearly, I couldn’t make you stay. A golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands at rest. God broke my heart to prove to me he only takes the best. ♥♥♥ I love and miss you everyday

    Calli Jessen

  14. Taylor Wright Says:

    This is an amazing tribute to a beautiful woman inside and out who was taken away from us so suddenly. Everytime i see a little white kia i always look expecting to see you behind the steering wheel. Ill always remember the many memories we had together growing up as neighbors, like the fourth of july party we had at your house. You were always such a good friend and always took the time to ask how i was doing. Its hard to look at your old house and know that your not going to be around anymore with all your energy and laughter. I miss you dearly kim kim and i know your still up there watching over all of us with your bright smile.

    Taylor Wright

  15. maddog62 Says:

    Jerika CoxKim Christensen
    So im sitting here in the dark with oakley and i was thinkin. He saw you before he came down here to me and i know he sees you all the time and its not fair he gets to see you and i dont. I need to see you kim maybe in a dream just for a minute would even be fine. Please put in a word to the big man and let him know im missin my bestie. Please bo im goin crazy. Youd think after almost two years it wouldnt still hurt this bad but it still feels like yesterday shane called me and told me what i thought was a bad joke. I love you kim and i miss you more than words can express please come see me in my dreams i know you can. I cant wait to see you again some day and pls watch over oakley hes filling in the best buds spot til i see you again. I love you kimbojo xoxoxo

  16. Greg Nordfelt Says:

    Thanks for introducing me to your Blog about Kim last night Rick! Love it. Your “Kim” tat still has me tearing my friend. Loved hanging with you and Linda and talking about old times and looking at pics and laughing and getting to the point of having to say “how bout those Yankees”… you know what I mean… Laura & I Love you guys!!! G

  17. janya16 Says:

    I’m the mother of this young blogger. I was touched by the story of your Kim. No parent should ever go thru the heartbreak of burying their child. My prayers for all of you…
    I’m amazed at how beautifully you celebrate her life on earth. Its makes me wish n hope to be remembered with such joy by someone when I pass on.

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