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CanCun Mexico March of 2011

March 12, 2011

I booked this trip almost a year ago, I’m so glad I did because Linda and I really did need to get away with everything going on.  I wanted to go back to Temptations Resort because it’s a place that once you get there you really don’t have to leave or do anything just lay back and have a beverage.  Plus the food is fantastic and the scenery is pretty good as well.

Our first full day there we hopped in a van and took a ride to Playa Del Carma because Greg and Laura were on a cruise to Cozumel at the same time so we decided to meet up with them.  This is the second time we have been on vacation and met up with Greg and Laura, the last time was when we were in Cabo and we had the whole family with us Tonianne, Kim and Linda we had a great time then as well.

It was good to see them we really just hung out on the beach and got caught up.  Funny thing is with everything that has been going on we spend more time with them in Playa then we have in the last two months.  If you want to go to Playa Del Carma from Cancun do not take a taxi or rent a car.  The taxi will cost you about $60 each way.  We found some vans right next to the bus stop that go straight there and it only cost us $3 a piece round trip.

Here is Linda sitting outside of a shop looking at a poor dude that drank too much wine on his trip.  The funny thing is our first night we had this guy beat by about three bottles.

This was our first dinner at the Seafood place at the resort.

I would also just drink the house wines they are pretty good this night I thought I would try our a great wine off of the menu and it ended up costing me $90.  It was a very good vine but from then on the house wines where our drink of choice in the evenings and it was free.


The sand was amazing it’s that really fine sand that feels like powdered sugar under your feet.  It’s so easy to walk in and it feels so good between your toes.

Just another shot of the beach.

If you want too you can just lay on one of these beds and just watch the ocean roll in.  From what I understand if you get caught having sex on these beds they ask you very politely to go to your room.

We decided the food was so good we had Seafood again the second night. You can see from Linda’s eyes we were also getting plenty of sun.

This is at the Oriental restaurant.  Again The food was amazing so we ended up having dinner here twice as well.  Try the sushi it is pretty good and you cannot go wrong if you order the Tuna.

Every night the party ends up at the patio bar.  What I didn’t remember from the last time we were here was the couples that really like to swing… Linda and I were approached about five times I took a picture of two of the gals who approached us from the back so their faces wouldn’t show.  Get with me and I can tell you some stories if you’re interested.

So Linda did so well last year in the arm wrestling tournament she decide to try her luck out again.

It started out the USA against the rest of the world.  This is Linda calling out a Canadian about half her age.

And…… Linda kicks butt on the Canadian in about three seconds.

This is Linda celebrating the win by flipping off the rest of the world.

Linda then took on a gal from England who was twice her weight.

Look at the smile on Linda face… She’s ready…

And BANG Linda put her down like a real pro.

The final round came down to two Americans Linda and a gal from PA her name was Natti.

A little side note this gal was a mother of six… sooooo very strong and focused.

Well the good news is USA had not won in five months straight and now they broke the loosing streak.  The bad news is Linda took second again… I guess we will have to go back next year so she can try again.

Here are the winners these two took on the rest of the world and won.

While we were there we made some really good friends that we plan on meeting up with in the near future.

This is Dave and Emmy they are from Canada.  Great people and a lot of fun.  Man can they drink….

This is Kent and Nancy they are also from Canada and want to meet up with us in Vegas in May to ride down to Phoenix with them on our bikes.

Linda and I on our last day.  It was so hard to leave.


This is where we spent most of our time every day just sitting at this pool while having a beverage.