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My Birthday Ride to Lava Hot springs 5/13-15

May 16, 2011

For the last few years Linda has planned a Birthday ride up to Lava Hot Springs.  It started out with just Greg and Laura then the next year we went with Brent & Deanna and Mike & Lisa.  The group seems to be getting larger each year and like most things the more people the more fun.  This year we had Brent & Deanna, Greg & Laura, Mike & Lisa and then we added two additional couples Scott & Janell and John & Deb.  All I can say is what a great group of people man did we have fun I don’t think I have laughed that much for a long time.  The route was great but the times off our bikes just joking and messing around is where we had most of the fun these guys made my sides hurt.

Our first meeting point was at the South Valley Harley Davidson here we met up with Brent, Deanna, Scott, Janell, John and Deb.

Let the ride begin!!!!

We met up with Mike & Lisa and Greg & Laura in Kaysville so now we had the whole group together.  There is nothing like the first long ride of the season the energy is high and everyone is so excited to get on the bikes and ride.

We left SLC on Friday afternoon I have never been on some of these roads before so most of the time I thought I was lost because my GPS wanted me to go a different direction.  Good news we made it there and I don’t think anyone knew I was stressing.

Our first stop was at the Gas Station in Riverside just outside of Deweyville

Here’s  a picture of the girls see how happy they are after they had their treats and an empty bladder.

As you can see we also have the same satisfied look.  Although if you click on the picture Brent and Scott do look a little serious.  Maybe they didn’t get their treats yet.

After the ride to Lava we sat on the patio at the Alpaca Inn.  I just love this place we just about took every room they had.  We did feel a little bad for the people in the other two rooms because we may have got a little loud with as many times everyone thought they needed to sing me the Happy Birthday song.  I think between Friday and Saturday I heard that song ten times.  I will be ok if I never hear it again.

As you can see we also had a painted toe competition…. Scott won.

I had to put this picture of the bikes in.

Saturday’s ride was great  because we went on some great roads that I have never been on.  The group wanted to meet “Bambi LaBeck” (you will have to read an earlier blog when we met Bambi to understand the interest in her) so we took a little detour over to Thayne Wy.  Sad news she was not there but we did get to meet her husband.  He was not so happy that we knew his wife by that name but that’s another story.

Here we are at Dad’s Bar in Thayne Wyoming the gentleman on the far right is Bambi’s husband.

We seem to always end up at the Blue Moon for drinks and to party a little bit.  Well this time was no different we talked Greg into playing the drums with the band.  I think… No I know they were very surprised by how well Greg can play the drums.  He was in his element on stage.  Man he could play and the funny thing was everyone got up and danced when Greg had the drum sticks in his hands.  Laura was so excited that she could finally “shag” the drummer in a band.

This is when the night really started getting interesting, Linda and I were on the dance floor when I looked over to see John on the table pulling his shirt over his head and waving it in the air ( the dude has some moves) and the girls love it before you knew it they were sticking money down his pants I think he ended up making about $24 bucks that night.

Now this is the real crazy part so there was also a Bachelorette party going on and Deanna thought the new bride to be was a little to full of herself so she got Brent’s pocket knife and pulled out the scissors and was going to cut the gals Vail off…. Yes this is correct… you just can’t make this shit up… so Deanna is behind her with the scissors on her vail when she turns around and says WTF… Deanna looked like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar.  The sad news was Linda was so trashed I was watching over her and missed the whole scissor incident.  Note to self I need to keep a better eye out on Deanna and not be distracted by my drunk wife while we out in public places also I need to shake down everyone for any sharp object before we start drinking .  As you can imagine I was pretty tired after all of this “drunk watching” so I convinced Linda to go back to the hotel so I could get some much needed rest.  These Birthday’s can get exhausting

Deanna with the scissors in hand

Just when you think the night is over your wife lets everyone into your room while you are laying naked in bed just to sing Happy Birthday again… then to make it a little more exciting I had four large breasted women jump on me while I lay there.  Get this the best part my wife was watching the whole event. I think I should  write into Playboy as “I can’t believe this happened to me” it’s not every day I get four beautiful women in my bed.

WOW!!!! I will never forget this birthday for a long long time.

This was the route we took home

WOW the wind was blowing like mad all the way home.  I think the winds were over 45 miles an hour most of the way.  I was so proud of Deb this was her first real ride with a large group and really had some technical riding and then you add the huge winds she did a fantastic job keeping up.  She a natural rider.

We ended the ride with everyone needing to visit the service department at South Valley Harley Davidson.  Deb crossed over the 1,000 mark so she needs to get her oil changed, John hit 7,000 and needs a new back tire.  Brent hit 30,000 and needed his 30K service and I hit 15,000 and need to get my service.  I love this bike because my back tire has 15K on it and I’m just now looking at replacing it.  I think the front tire can go another 5K. With my Heritage I only got 10K on the back and 15K on the front and that was pushing it.

This was a great trip because of the friends we went with and everyone has the same passion of just riding.  I think next year we will look at Moab instead of Lava but no matter where we go I am confident we will have a great time.