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Steamboat / Colorado Rockies Ride 8-12-16 2009

August 11, 2009
Randy, Tina, Jenny, Pat, Staci, Linda and myself

Randy, Tina, Jenny, Pat, Staci, Ken, Lisa, Linda and myself


It’s finally here!!! Randy Garlington one of our riding friends from Colorado put this ride together for us almost a year ago.  At first we had fifteen riders coming from Salt Lake City but as rides go and people get busy we are only going to have four of us coming from Salt Lake.  Pat & Staci Dunn and Linda and I.

Pat, Staci and Linda loading up for the ride

Pat, Staci and Linda loading up for the ride

Here is the route we are going to take to get to Steamboat springs.  We were going over Wolf creek pass but we just did that ride on Sunday so we decided to just go over Hwy 40. 

I saw a gas station in Rangely called the “Kum and Go” 


Coming from Utah I thought this was so funny that I had to stop and take a picture… What I didn’t think about was how slanted the road was.  I got off and bike to take the picture and my biked tipped over.  Linda and Staci were about a quarter mile down the road wondering why I had stopped while Pat was about a mile down the road wondering why no one was following him.  So I had to get some local help to help me pick up my bike.

When my bike fell my windshield hit the curb and broke the top quarter of it off.  (Now that Sucks))


Painful!!!! Lesson one, never get so excited over something stupid that you don’t worry about the angle you have parked your bike on.  Lesson two if you need a replacement windshield the chances of a Harley Davidson having one is almost zero.  We called ever Harley Davidson in the area and no one stocked it.  So we did the next best thing… We called Lisa Smith in Denver because they were not coming up until the next morning .  Lisa and Ken called every Harley Davidson in Denver and they found “one”.  So Ken  put it on hold and he picked it up that night.

While we were on our way to Meeker I had a bird, no a California Condor fly right into my neck.

my neck with a pin feather from the Califorina Condor.

my neck with a pin feather from the California Condor.

"Yep... That's the bird officer"

"Yep... That's the bird officer"

Ok it might have been a Dove or a sparrow but it had huge teeth and Talons!!!


Pat was ready for a beer and we were making great time so we stopped in Craig Colorado.  Staci needed an Ice cream cone.  It was a fun stop, I really like riding with Pat and Staci, they enjoy riding as much as Linda and I do and we always have so fun conversations with Pat around. (he cracks me up)


The beer in Craig tasted so good we had another one in Steamboat Springs.  I need to find a way to get Pat to smile more.


We met up with Randy, Tina, and Jenny so we thought we should have another beer.  Are you seeing a common theme here.  We did drink a lot on this trip but we had a blast.  “ride hard play harder”  Words to live by.  Even better words to live by are “Drink near your hotel so you don’t have to get back on your bike”


One of our stops while heading up to the Rocky Mountain National Forest.  This was the first ride I have ever been on where there were more women riding their own bikes than there were men.  But these girls can ride, it was so much fun having them with us the only problem was we did not have anyone on the back of a bike to take pictures while we were on the trip.



Elevation 12145 ft.  there were Elk every where.  But the roads are so steep and the drop off is so far down I didn’t spend a lot of time looking for Elk.  I was pretty focused on the road and staying on it.


Estes Park

Estes Park

The girls doing a little shopping.

Dinner in Blackhawk.

Dinner in Black hawk.

We celebrated both Ken’s and Staci’s birthday here.  The cool thing about birthdays here is the person who is having the birthday gets to pay for their own cake.  Go figure…

Parked out front in Central City

Parked out front in Central City


This is where we had breakfast.  Great food and perfect service.


We are at the continental divide and above the clouds, now this was cool.  It was a total white out when we drove up the canyon.


Pat getting ready to take a walk out on the clouds.  I’m glad we told him not to do it.


It was about 50 degrees up top. yes it was cold but so cool.


Vail, the girls doing a little shopping (again)


While the guys were trying out some  of the local beers.  Well some us were, others cannot break old habits. (live a little)


Leadville this is where we met up with Jim & Shauna they could not ride this year because Jim broke his leg while riding his dirt bike the week before. sucks to be Jim.

Jim and Shauna did take some cool pictures for us while they were in the car, one I cannot put on my blog.  I thought it best that I erase it before I got tempted to put it on the blog.

the whole gang while we were heading to Aspen

the whole gang while we were heading to Aspen


This is what we saw for a thousand miles.  I have never seen so many trees and beautiful sceanary in my life.  I had no Idea Colorado was this pretty and they had this type of riding so close to Denver.  We rode a thousand miles and we didn’t even come close to riding all the roads.  This is an amazing State.


The riding was not for the faint of heart, the roads were very steep and very narrow.  I was so proud of the girls on this ride.  They Rock!!!

Looking out from our hotel at Snowmass

Looking out from our hotel at Snowmass

This was a cool Hotel the rooms where great and they let us have the common area for us to party.

some of us outside on the deck having a beer.

some of us outside on the deck having a beer.


The girls making plans to take over as “Road Boss”  good thing Randy was strong and didn’t give in.




Ken at the winery thinking about his “little world” he lives in.


Our last night in Grand Junction.  Sad to see it all end but excited about the ride next year.  what ever Pat  Dunn puts together for us.

Lisa showing us her dance moves

Lisa showing us her dance moves


Jenny showing Staci how to Text faster if she uses both thumbs.

Lisa and Linda showing us their new dews.
Lisa and Linda showing us their new dews.




I could do this ride again, it was so much fun the people we went with were great.  I love the routes and every thing about the ride.  Randy did a fantastic job as planner and road boss. 



We made it home safe and sound with no real issues just a lot of wind.  On the other hand, Randy, Tina and Jenny had a car pull out in front of them.  It made Randy and Tina lay their bikes down. They both came out of it with only a little road rash but they both walked away from it.  They were very lucky!!! Jenny was saved by her anti- lock brakes.  I think I’m going to look into some of those myself.

Canyon’s of Eastern Utah Ride August 8-9

August 4, 2009

Linda and I decided we needed to get away for a weekend plus the fact we will be taking our bikes back to Mesquite in a month or two, we thought we should plan a ride that keeps us in the  mountains. 

We invited a few friends to go with us to make the ride more exciting and it’s always fun to ride with friends.  Plus the nights at the bar are always more enjoyable when we have more people.


Michael & Berkley, Cory & Heidi , Pat & Staci, Tracy & Krista, Linda and myself.

We start by going up Spanish Fork Canyon then up Scofield canyon, the ride was good a little chilly at times by the lake but I love the ride and there is not a lot of traffic that way.  I forgot Cory could only get about 70 miles before he needs to fill up.  Good news we took him right to the last drop of gas but he didn’t run out.

Tracy standing by Cory's bike

Scofield Gas station (the only gas station in Scofield)

Then we turn East over Fairview canyon it was so cold the temp dropped to 55 degrees by the time we hit the top of Skyline drive.  we took a few pictures put on coats and told a few jokes, none of the jokes I can put on my blog.  We took it slow and easy because you cannot beat the scenery up there.  It seems like no matter where you are you’re either riding by a lake or stream.


Lets just say it was cold on top of the mountain and the wind was blowing hard, I think when you consider the wind chill it had to be in the 40’s. (notice Staci’s new sticker on her helmet)

Cory, Heidi, Michael, Berkley Linda and I

Cory, Heidi, Michael, Berkley Linda and I

Just before we jumped back on our bikes to get down the canyon to Huntington so we could warm up.


The ride from Salt Lake City to Price took us from 10:30 to 4:30 six hours to go about 170 miles.  Like I said we took it slow and easy plus we stopped a few times just to take some pictures

We got to Price around 4:30, Pat and Staci took off to buy some wine and beer (I love those guys) the rest of us just sat at the pool and waited for them to come back with the beverages.  It was good to get there so early I liked having a few hours to relax by the pool and have a few beers before we had dinner.


We stared at the bar while we were waiting for everyone to get dressed, we found out they served the same food at the bar as they did in the restaurant so we just stayed at the bar the rest of the night.  The food was just OK, I would normally not recommend it but the fact they have a bar and restaurant at the Holiday Inn and we did not have to get back on our bikes to ride home  I don’t think it’s gets any better in Price Utah, So yes I would stay there again.

On the second day we ride over Indian canyon and up Wolf creek canyon over to Provo canyon and back home.

Leaving the Holiday Inn in Price on Sunday

Leaving the Holiday Inn in Price on Sunday

Riding up Indian Canyon

Riding up Indian Canyon

We stopped in Hanna for lunch at a great little restaurant / bar they have the best food and you have to have one of their home made pies while you’re there.  I had blueberry and Linda had peach.
For such a small place it serves a lot of food.  When we left we counted forty bikes out front
Like the way to Price, it took us six hours to get back home because we took it slow and easy and stopped a lot to take pictures.  Over the two day ride we rode through eight different canyons.  It reminds me of why I live in Utah, (probably the only good reason to live in Utah) the riding is great.