Canyon’s of Eastern Utah Ride August 8-9

Linda and I decided we needed to get away for a weekend plus the fact we will be taking our bikes back to Mesquite in a month or two, we thought we should plan a ride that keeps us in the  mountains. 

We invited a few friends to go with us to make the ride more exciting and it’s always fun to ride with friends.  Plus the nights at the bar are always more enjoyable when we have more people.


Michael & Berkley, Cory & Heidi , Pat & Staci, Tracy & Krista, Linda and myself.

We start by going up Spanish Fork Canyon then up Scofield canyon, the ride was good a little chilly at times by the lake but I love the ride and there is not a lot of traffic that way.  I forgot Cory could only get about 70 miles before he needs to fill up.  Good news we took him right to the last drop of gas but he didn’t run out.

Tracy standing by Cory's bike

Scofield Gas station (the only gas station in Scofield)

Then we turn East over Fairview canyon it was so cold the temp dropped to 55 degrees by the time we hit the top of Skyline drive.  we took a few pictures put on coats and told a few jokes, none of the jokes I can put on my blog.  We took it slow and easy because you cannot beat the scenery up there.  It seems like no matter where you are you’re either riding by a lake or stream.


Lets just say it was cold on top of the mountain and the wind was blowing hard, I think when you consider the wind chill it had to be in the 40’s. (notice Staci’s new sticker on her helmet)

Cory, Heidi, Michael, Berkley Linda and I

Cory, Heidi, Michael, Berkley Linda and I

Just before we jumped back on our bikes to get down the canyon to Huntington so we could warm up.


The ride from Salt Lake City to Price took us from 10:30 to 4:30 six hours to go about 170 miles.  Like I said we took it slow and easy plus we stopped a few times just to take some pictures

We got to Price around 4:30, Pat and Staci took off to buy some wine and beer (I love those guys) the rest of us just sat at the pool and waited for them to come back with the beverages.  It was good to get there so early I liked having a few hours to relax by the pool and have a few beers before we had dinner.


We stared at the bar while we were waiting for everyone to get dressed, we found out they served the same food at the bar as they did in the restaurant so we just stayed at the bar the rest of the night.  The food was just OK, I would normally not recommend it but the fact they have a bar and restaurant at the Holiday Inn and we did not have to get back on our bikes to ride home  I don’t think it’s gets any better in Price Utah, So yes I would stay there again.

On the second day we ride over Indian canyon and up Wolf creek canyon over to Provo canyon and back home.

Leaving the Holiday Inn in Price on Sunday

Leaving the Holiday Inn in Price on Sunday

Riding up Indian Canyon

Riding up Indian Canyon

We stopped in Hanna for lunch at a great little restaurant / bar they have the best food and you have to have one of their home made pies while you’re there.  I had blueberry and Linda had peach.
For such a small place it serves a lot of food.  When we left we counted forty bikes out front
Like the way to Price, it took us six hours to get back home because we took it slow and easy and stopped a lot to take pictures.  Over the two day ride we rode through eight different canyons.  It reminds me of why I live in Utah, (probably the only good reason to live in Utah) the riding is great.

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