Weekend with Ken and Lisa in Denver

Ken and Lisa finally invited Linda and myself to their house.  they have lived there for three year and we were fortunate enough to get the invitation.  So before they could take the invite back Linda and I turned our cell phones off so we could claim our phones had a dead battery just in case they did call to cancel, we jumped on a flight and headed to Denver. 

One thing you can say about Ken and Lisa they are a great host.  From the time they picked us up we were having a great time.

We were told the plans for the weekend  would start out Friday night with a  great Mexican dinner and Saturday we were going on a “mountain beer crawl”

We started the beer crawl in Sedalia at a place called Bud’s Bar.  You have to love a place that has a sign as you walk in the says “Free Beer tomorrow”.

Ken warned us about their limited food menu, but he said we would love the cheese burgers.  He was right on both accounts the menu has two choices hamburgers or Cheese burger’s with chips, in bold letters it says “don’t ask for fries) it reminded me of the Saturday night live skits “cheese burger, cheese burger cheese burger. chip chip chip” . They were right about the cheese burger it was great.


 Hanging out at Bud’s Bar


Here’s the menus of all the choices

From there we headed to Sprucewood to the Sprucewood Bar.  This is a huge dirt bike hang out because they have so many great dirt bike trail to ride on.  The beer was great we did not try the food.


No picture of this place Ken and Linda forgot!!!


From there we took the road over the mountain to Pine.  on the way we took a few pictures (because Lisa and I remembered)


The summit just before PineP7110014

Zoka's in Pine

Zoka's in Pine

We had lunch in Pine at a place called Zoka’s, the food was fantastic.

After that we drove home to rest our livers, and to take a nap

The beer crawl route

That night we met up with Craig & Tami and Jim & Shauna for dinner and an evening “Down town Denver Beer Crawl” 

We started the night at Earl’s great food, great drinks and senorie is fantastic if you know what I mean.


Again no pictures….


The next place was a new place called the Prime Bar.  Cool place with lots of seating… no one was there.  After we order we found out why, they were out of just about every kind of beer on their menu.  I think Linda order five times and after every order the server would come back and say “we are so sorry we’re out of that beer.  So as soon as they found a beer for Linda to drink we left that place.

All of us at the Prime Bar

All of us at the Prime Bar

 Not only did we get crapy service but the server thought he would get in the picture and wave.

From there we “crawled” to the Rio Grande.  This is where we met up with Chantel and her boyfriend Tim.  I love that girl… she’s just part of the family

They have the best and strongest margarita’s in town.  In fact there is a three margarita limit.  Lisa’s limit is two, so they must be strong. 

The food was great and Linda said the margarita’s were fantastic.

Here we are at the Rio Grande

Here we are at the Rio Grande


After the Rio Grande everyone started falling out and going home except for the six of us, so we headed to a place called the Samba Room.  We were having a great time and some one spilled all the drinks in Linda’s lap.  We don’t know who it was, but we know who it was not…  Lisa said it was not her… Ok.

the six of us at the Samba room

the six of us at the Samba room

Linda's wet pants

Linda's wet pants

It was time for us to go home any way.  Chantel and Tim were just getting started but us old folks were done for the night.

Sunday started with  another great breakfast from Ken’s cooking skills  (he does do a great job) we read the newspaper and checked out our August motorcycle ride on mapquest.  Then we headed back up to the mountains and on to Evergreen.

I have not seen this place since my mission and believe it or not, main street still looks the same.  It is such a cool town with some very cool shops and restaurants.  We had lunch and wine at a place called the Creekside Cellars. 

Again great food and the vine was perfect.

Main street in Evergreen

Main street in Evergreen

Us at the Creekside Cellar

Us at the Creekside Cellar

After our lunch and stroll of the town we went back to the airport and headed back to SLC.  For just a weekend this was a perfect trip.  I have never felt so relaxed and happy.  Thanks Ken and Lisa for a great trip and it was fun seeing Chantel again.

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