MS 150 Bike Ride June 27-28 2009


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This years Riders

This years Riders


Our Bikes

Our Bikes


Ken and Sherry Romero, Craig Dearing and myself

Getting the bikes ready for the ride.


We had the weather Gods looking out for us this year.  We all left the Qwest office at 3:00 Friday afternoon.  The sky was dark just to the South of us, but we thought if we got on the road we might be able to beat the storm or at least get some miles under us before the storm caught up to us.

Our timing could no have been any better, the storm hit Salt lake City fifteen minutes after we left the office and it was a huge storm.  We took the long way to Logan by going up 89 to Honeyville and then East to Logan, we didn’t hit any rain.  Although while we were eating dinner it rained hard for about 20 minutes.  After that the weather was perfect all weekend for us and the riders, the high was about 78.   Perfect riding weather.

There was some very sad news, Jennifer ( my niece) rode about five miles when she was involved in a huge Accident.  She flipped over her bike and landed right on her face.  My sister Pat road to the hospital with her and was there when they dug out all of the “road rash”  out of her face.  Jennifer even had gravel on the  inside of her lips.  OUCH!!!  The doctor had to make an incision in her cheek to get out some of the dirt and rocks.  The good news is she will be fine and she didn’t break an bones.

This was an easy year for us motorcycles riders with the weather being so good we really didn’t have to save anyone.  We called the SAG wagons a few times for the people who were broke down but that was it.

Steve Helping a rider

Steve Helping a rider

The Nordfelt Clan !!

The Nordfelt Clan !!


Steve Isaac, Leanne & Craig Dearing and Barry Hoirne

Showing off our cool MS 150 volunteer shirts


I am a very lucky person to have the friends and family that I have.  I cannot thank everyone enough for their dedication and support of the MS 150 each year.  I do know how busy everyone is and much time and money you all invest not to mention all the time you spend on your bikes before the ride and the pain of riding all of those miles on Saturday just to get up and do it again on Sunday.  I have personally felt the Sunday morning sting of the bike seat and it’s not a good feeling. 

Again thank you all I love you so much!!!


After the ride on Sunday Linda and I road up through Bear Lake.  We rode around the the lake and then on to Evenston Wy.  From there we took Hwy 150 to Kamas then on to Heber.  It was a fun ride and for the first time with year the weather was great.   It has rained every weekend this year.

Linda at the Bear Lake over look
Linda at the Bear Lake over look



Our ride home was almost a 300 mile ride but it was beautiful.  We figure we rode over 400 miles on Sunday when you add in the miles we rode while we were riding the MS 150 route.  It was a great day on the bikes


The top of Mirror Lake Hwy (Hwy 150)

The top of Mirror Lake Hwy (Hwy 150)

Notes before the ride

JUNE 27-28

Welcome to the MS 150 bike tour in Logan.  The riders will start out each day at the Logan Fair Grounds at 7:00 AM and finish each day back at the fair grounds. 

On the Saturday ride, the bike riders have three routes they can chose from a 40, 75 and 100 miles route.  Most of the riders take the 75 mile route. 

We “the motor cycle rider” will all meet at the Best Western at 7:00 AM to get organized have some breakfast and head out at 7:30 on our ride. that will give the peddle bike riders time to get going and also so they can spread out a bit.

We have 14 bikes and 16 riders this year (Thank you all again)  we will ride the route much like we did last year.  On the first day I have broken the 100 mile ride into two patrolling routes, we will have Seven bikes riding the 40 and 75 miles route and Seven bikes riding the 75 and 100 mile route.

Here is how I have the two patrol teams split up, but nothing is in stone so if you would like to change your route just get with me.


The 40 and 75 mile route riders

Terry Evans

Mark Ludlow

Barry Horne

Steve Issac

Craig Dearing

Leanne Dearing

Tony Reese


Here’s the Riders for the 75 and 100 mile route

Rick Christensen

Linda Christensen

Michael & Berkley Lopez

Ken & Sherry Romero

Pat Dunn

Staci Dunn



As you can see from the routes we should have great coverage.  To make sure we get to everyone we will have the half the riders riding with the traffic flow and the other half riding against the traffic flow.

For the riders who are taking the 75, 100 mile route here is the map to the starting location.


I will also bring laminated 8 X 10 maps with all the rest stops and lunch locations on them.

I will be bringing  bottled water for you take on your bikes to give to the riders when they run out (they will run out)  You will be surprised how many riders do not take enough water with them, so if you have a small cooler you can put on your bike or a way to keep the water cold it helps.  If not it’s no big deal the riders will still be very very thankful you just have water for them.

Make sure you bring your cell phone because that will be the way we will communicate to the SAG team if a rider needs help.

If you see an accident do not move the rider or talk to anyone from the press about the accident just call the SAG and they will get medical attention out to you.  If it’s a bad accident call 911 and then call SAG

If a bike rider breaks down just call the SAG team and they will send out Bingham to fix their bike.

If some cannot go any further or they are sick or just sick of riding call the SAG and they will send out a truck to pick them up.  Just stay with the person until help arrives.

As you can see we don’t have to do a lot just hand out water, give some direction to lost bikers and call the SAG people for everything else.  Easy job but the riders think it’s great to have us out there.

For those of you who are staying for the Sunday ride here is the route, as you will see it’s much smaller only 40 miles and really less than half of the riders ride on Sunday so it much easier to manage.



If your families are coming up we have free tickets for the them to spend the day at the water park right across from the fair grounds.

Also Breakfast will be provided at 6:00 AM at the fair grounds each morning.  Lunch will be provided at the lunch stop on the Map.  (make sure you take some time and stop for lunch)

Dinner Saturday night is also free at the fair grounds it starts around 5:00 and they have some great entertainment after the dinner.

If you can make it on June 26th at 7:30 p.m. there is a safety meeting at the fair grounds at the net control center for you and if there is any of the other marshals in town to go over communications and other pertinent information relative to the ride on Saturday and Sunday.  I have to go to this meeting for everyone else it’s optional and I can bring you up to speed on Saturday morning.

Thank you again for taking the time out of your busy schedules to help us out on the ride.  I really do appreciate it and I know the bikers love it as well.  Have fun and be safe.

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