Mason Chase Oldham

October 14th 2013 Mason Chase Oldham was born.

He was a big baby 8 lbs 3 oz and 18 inches long.


Dad, Mom and Mason.

This is a very special day because he shares Kimberly’s birthday… Thanks Manson for making this day special again.


Grandma holding Mason.


Cute little boy but Tonianne is still thanking Jon for his huge head.


Talon holding Mason for the first time. He’s still not sure what he has in his arms.  I know he’s thinking this kid is great, when do I get to play with him.


Ute’s shirts for everyone.  They are both Utah men.


Look at all of his hair.  It also seems he is little bit like Kimberly he does not like to be bothered.  Just hold him and don’t bug him.  Must be something with the second child.


Talon and Mason in their twin outfits.


Talon and Mason in their Harley gear.  They look good in HD!!!


Mason is getting bigger and stronger each day, he rolled over for the very first time and he’s starting to look a lot like Jon in fact if you look at Jon’s baby pictures they look identical.


Talon and Mason just laying on the carpet


Look how happy Mason is. I think he likes it over at Papa’s and Grandma’s house.

Santa picture

Mason’s first visit with Santa!!!

Mason on the couchMason just sitting on the couch thinking about his papa and wondering… What would papa do in this case…. Hmmmmmm… Lets RIDE!!!


Mason telling Papa all about his hard day with Mom.  I told its OK, he’s with Papa now so everything is going to be fine.


Mason’s first Merry go Round ride and it was with Grandma.  How cute are they.  I don’t think Mason was as impressed with the event as Papa and Grandma were.



Here’s the whole family, with Grandma photo bombing the picture…Mason laying down

Mason is getting so big, he’s really starting to look more like a little boy and less like a newborn baby.


Mason and Vine

Might not be a good idea having Grandma babysit Mason… Look at the determined look on his face he wants vine and he wants it now….



I think Mason just accused Talon of farting… By the look on Talon’s face I think he’s guilty.


Talon Mason Jon pool

Mason’s first time in the pool. He is such a laid back kid.  Mason just floated around kicking his feet while Talon and Jon had water fights with the new squirt guns we bought.  As you can imagine as soon as Grandma saw Mason liked the pool, it was off to the store to buy more stuff for Mason to play with in the water.

Mason 7 months

Mason is growing up so fast and he is changing every day.  He just loves to sit around a look at everything that is going on around him.  His laugh is so funny you cannot help yourself but laugh with him.

papa Talon and Mason

Father’s Day at the Homestead.  Great breakfast with the family.


Mason 11

I cannot believe how big Mason is getting and how much he has changed in just last month.


We had the opportunity to babysit the kids so we played at the house. Playing with Mason is chasing him down, he is so fast. so then we decided to take advantage of the great weather and go to the park. Mason just sat and watched all of the kids for about an hour and loved every minute of it.


Disneyland Pirates.msg

Mason’s first visit to Disneyland  December 9-12 2014. Mason was almost one years old and he made his first trip to the happiest place on earth.  He did great for being just one year old.  We had him up early in the mornings and out late at night. He loved the Pirates of the Caribbean. Every time we went down one of the water falls his eyes would get really big.

Disneyland small world 2014.msg

Mason with Mom and Dad on the It’s a Small World ride. He loved every ride we could take him on. with the exception of it’s a Bugs Life in California adventures.  I think the only reason he didn’t like that one was because Linda jumped when the spiders came out and that is what scared Mason.  He also loved Legoland because the rides were smaller.


WOW Mason is now upright and walking.  He has been taking a few steps here and there but for the most part got scared and sat down… Well that is all behind him now he is traveling quite well on his legs and will be running in no time.

Mason walking

He still looks to little to be walking… Now Mom and Dad are going to have to be really quick on their feet to keep him out of trouble.


Here’s Mason and Talon on Halloween.  It doesn’t get any better than this.

Talon and Mason halloween 14

Just look at Mason’s face.  He is so stinking cute.



Our little Christmas elf. Mason was so much fun this Christmas. I thought as a one year old he would just sit around and play with the paper. He surprised us by really getting into it.


Talon and Mason fighting with the swords on Christmas day. I think in a few years Talon is going to have his work cut out for him, Mason is all boy and loves anything that Talon does.


The Christensen Christmas party family photo.


Mason’s first Easter egg coloring at our house. Well the first one he was old enough to participate in. He seemed to have more fun just holding the eggs. Talon on the other hand was 100% involved.


Mason’s first Easter egg hunt at the house. Talon helped him a lot but he got it and had some fun.  Although I think Talon gave him all of the pink eggs “because they are his favorite” accounting to Talon.


After the Easter hunt we got a family photo of the family on Kim’s bench.


We “face timed” on our IPad last week and Mason whispered papa to me!!! Such a cute kid. Every month that passes he’s looking less like a baby and more like a little boy.


A little breakfast with the kids. Mason in his Harley outfit.


Both kids in the Harley gear.


Mason Riding his first Harley.  And yes he’s almost naked.  The girls are really going to like this kid.


Talon teaching Mason the art of making bubbles.  Mason kind of lost the concept of the bubble and focused on just sticking the wand in the bubbles. As you can imagine that was making Talon really happy.


Mason’s very first “fishing story”. He was telling all of his friends “no really the fish had to be this big but it got away”.


After his hair cut it’s time to go pick up chicks in his new wheels. “Hey babe going my way”.

IMG_1279 IMG_1280

Mason’s first camping trip. It looks like he’s a natural…


Mason’s first fireworks show at the Bee’s game. They all had a fantastic time.


Mason and Talon were Ninja Turtles.  Here’s the picture of the tick or treating family.  It took Mason a few houses to figure out they give you candy if you go to the door and just stand there. Then he would say “you’re welcome”. He might still have “the Thank You” and “You’re welcome” a little mixed up but everyone still loved him.


Mason and Talon are really trying to get on Santa’s good side by baking him some cookies. So with Grandma’s help they did a pretty good job.


This is just one of Mason’s Christmas gifts. He got much, much, more from Santa and the rest of his family.


This is one of my favorite Christmas pictures Tonianne took of the kids.


This years family Christmas picture.


Mason is already positioning himself as the favorite brother.  As the only brother, I think he has a pretty good chance of winning the title.. But I have to admit he is a very cool brother. Talon is very lucky


Mason playing soccer in Mesquite. We bought a ball almost as big as he is.


Mom helping Mason with his swing. Wait his Mom…….. Papa had to jump in.


Now we have the swing going pretty good. We need to work on Mason keeping his eye open.


Easter egg coloring in our Mesquite house. Tonianne had to help Mason because he just likes throwing the eggs in the cup.


Holding his finished product. He’s got the Easter egg coloring down. Now tomorrow we will see how his hunting skills are.


Great family picture of the perfect colored eggs!!



Mason is so into Trucks. You can hardly find him without a truck or car in his hands. He is so funny, give him a truck and he can entertain himself for hours.



These kids are just to cute. I love this picture of the boys and their Fireman hats.  Mason did not want to take his off all day, he was sure he was a real Fireman. I have no idea how long he left it on his head after his parents pick him up. But, I’m sure there were some tears when he had to go to bed.



I needed some professional help hanging up the license plates in the garage, so I called the two best “Handy Men” I could find. Talon was showing his “intern” Mason how to use the electric screwdriver.  They did a great job! The cost was very reasonable as well. I paid them in fruit snacks….


There was a time when you could not get a picture of Mason, because he would never smile or he just didn’t want to do it.  That has all changed now. Mason will go grab a hat like this one and run to Tonianne and say “cheese”… But he so dang cute how do you not take the picture and share it with everyone…



Mason’s first trip to Lagoon. He did so good. It took him a while to warm up to the rides but he went on everything we put him in front of. He had such a great time. We spent nine hours there and he was no where close to being done. The Adults on the other hand were spent. For a two year old, I would say he did great.



Mason’s first Ride with Tonianne. As you can see they both loved this ride.


This is him on the Whales. It took him about four times around before he decided he liked it, they he rode it five more times.


Getting ready for the Log ride. What a great day for all of us. Tonianne said Mason and Talon talked about the rides all the way home.


This is Mason sitting on the fence while we were waiting to go in. Jon was playing with him, he was so cute I had to take the picture.


Here’s Mason and Talon taking the old Ford for a little spin.


Well it happened, Now Mason has spent a little time in the Emergency room. He fell at Day Care and split his lip open. He needed two stitches to close it up. Poor kid it took both Jon and Tonianne to hold him down while the doctor stitched him up. Funny thing is, I think its harder on the parents than it is on the kids some times.


It’s almost the end of the Summer, so Tonianne started teaching Mason how to ride a two wheeler. His legs are still a little short, so Tonianne had to push him. Mason was so excited he was riding a bike like Talon. I think Tonianne needs to look for a Hospital that gives “frequent visit” points for CASH or maybe after ten visits they get a free X-Ray or something.

fullsizeoutput_7709Mason not quite sure he wanted to get on the train at the St. George Park. But the Engineer made hime feel a little better by talking to him.


As you can see he did Okay!!


Mason’s Birthday. He’s three today. We celebrated it again in Mesquite. It’s good and bad we get to celebrated Mason, Talon and Kim’s birthday on the same day.


Mason turned three and looks like he grew a couple inches. He is sure is cute and fun to be with.


For some reason Mason has been afraid to ride the Harley Davidson electric bike. This was his time riding the “mean machine” He seemed to like it, but as soon as Jon wanted to see him ride it, he was done.


Yep… Pretty much says it all. Mason is #1 !!!!


Mason’s Halloween costume. It is so fun seeing Mason finally getting a little extraverted. His little personality is coming out. He just loved being Ironman for a day.Tonianne said he was even talking to people while he was trick or treating.  Wow that is big. I think he will be like Kimberly, quiet and shy until they reach High School and then watch out.

Mason is ready to go jeeping, now he’s as tall as his dad’s tires!!!

Mason is Rocking his scooter. Well…. he pushes it a lot. Either way he looks totally cool on it.

This Easter weekend was great. Mason rode his first horse today at the Clark County Fair and rodeo in Logandale NV. It took him awhile to get enough courage to get on the horse but when he finally did. He wanted to do it all by himself.

He looks pretty good supporting the cowboy hat as well.

He also did a great job driving Grandma around the track at Fiesta Fun in St. George.

Mason at Jon’s sister’s wedding. This little handsome man is looking more like his dad every day. It is amazing how fast he’s growing up.

What a great family photo. Jon’s sister in law took this picture. I might be a little partial, but I think this is the best looking family I have ever seen.

Mason’s first time jumping into the pool. He only did it once, but hey he did it. He’s going to be like Kim was. He’s not quite sure he likes the water yet. But when he does, we would be able to get him out of it.

Mason is now four years old and getting pretty big. When he’s five he wants us to take him to Lego Land. I think we will.

He wanted a soccer ball so we got him a Ute soccer ball. He loves it because he says he’s going to play soccer this year like Talon. I hope he does but we will see.

One of my favorite pictures of Mason riding his scooter in Mesquite. He is finally riding it and not just pushing it around. Here is just listening to his mother talk about riding it and he’s still thinking about it.

Mason’s new Halloween Custome. I don’t think there is going to be a cuter kid anywhere on Halloween,

Mason make this plate for his dad in Pre-School. I think he did a pretty good job. These are the kinds of thing you hold on to for ever.

Mason so excited to see Santa. I’m still amazed he allowed Santa to get that close to him. I think he knew it was the only way to get that present.

I had to add our family picture for this year. Mason and Talon wanted to be in the picture with us.

During our move to Mesquite Tonianne and Jon stored our wine for us in their basement. I went down to help move the wine and found Mason taking Grandma for a little ride.

The kids came down to visit us for a while so we took to play a little golf. I got the best score of my life because I would hit the ball and Mason would make sure it made it in the cup for me.

Love this picture of Mason’s smile, plus it’s a great picture of the family coloring Easter eggs. We sure do love their visits.

Mason’s new rocket launcher he got from the Easter Bunny. He played with it for three days straight.

Mason finally got enough courage to get in the hot tub with Talon. After he decided it wasn’t going to kill him, we couldn’t get him out. His personality is exactly like Kim’s when it comes to trying new things.

Mason found the “Golden Egg” at the Easter egg hunt this year. He was so excited.

Mason is feeling pretty comfortable riding his bike with training wheels. I’ll bet before the summer is over he will riding all over the neighborhood with Talon.

While celebrating Tonianne’s Birthday Mason decided he was going to battle the evil doers and save us all from total destruction. Or he was just waving the sword around with an alligator hat on. Either way he looked pretty cool

Tonianne and Jon brought the boys down to Mesquite to spend some time with us. Here we are at the Bar 10 Ranch about twenty miles away from the Grand Canyon.

Mason was working his lasso like a true cowboy while practicing to catch that allusive cow some day. Or just getting good enough to catch his brother some day.

Here we are at the Grand Canyon. Jon brought his truck down so he could drive us over the Mesquite mountains to see the Canyon. Mason loved the drive he just doesn’t like the sun in his face.

Tonianne and Jon left the boys with us in Mesquite for a week so we could see them for a while. Each boy took turns being the Boss for the day and they could do what ever they wanted. As you can imagine we spent a lot of time at the water parks and pools.

Look at Mason’s bowling stance! He did so well!!

Even though the ball was almost as big as he is.

You might have to click on the picture to read his shirt. But I says Papa’s Little Dude. Yes he is!!!

Mason’s first day at Pre-School. He looks so grown up!!

Well Mason is now Five years old so we took him to LEGOLAND for his Birthday. We had so much fun celebrating his special day with him.

Our first stop was at Mission Bay California so he could see and play at the beach. He loved the Ocean and finding cool Seashells in the sand.

Here they are looking for Seashells.

We stayed at the LEGOLAND Hotel. The hotel was amazing and the kids had so many fun and exciting events and games to play with at the hotel, they never ran out of things to do.

Mason driving grandma around at LEGOLAND. He likes to go fast and he’s a pretty good driver.

Cute picture of Mason and Grandma on the helicopter ride.

Mason loves to drive, he did such a great job of  dodging other kids who were not as good of a driver as him.

The boys playing at   The LEGOLAND hotel.

Saturday night LEGOLAND close the park at 4:00 to 10:00 PM for so just the Hotel Guest can ride the rides, dress up in their Hallowing costumes and go Trick or Treating. They call it “Brick or Treat”

Mason was a Bumblebee and Talon was a Storm Trooper.

The kids had a blast!!!

Tonianne bought this necklace for Linda. You might have to click on the picture to read it.  As you can imagine Linda loves it.

Easter 2019, We picked the boys for a week. We had a fantastic time.

While they were down we swam, played at the parks, Arcades and did a little miniature golfing.

After our week with the boys was over Jon and Tonianne came down to spend Easter with us and several Easter egg hunts.

What’s Easter without coloring eggs.

Here’s Mason’s Easter pictures, one of the had his cousin in it so I had to post it.

Mason graduated from Pre-school this year and ready to start kindergarten next year. He is very smart and the teacher said he is the Class Clown and makes everyone laugh.

Linda and I Drove up to attend his special graduation day. Then we all went out for ice cream.

It was a great week for us because the kids followed us back down to Mesquite so Tonianne could spend her birthday with us. Here is a great family picture with them sitting on Kim’s bench.


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