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2011 and the time we spent on our bikes

December 12, 2011


Linda and I spent a lot of time on our bike in 2011 mostly because we just needed to stay busy and to keep our minds always looking forward to something.

But in a nutshell we were in California, Nevada, Idaho, New Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Utah we hit most of those states multiple times we also took our bikes internationally to Mexico. 

So what did we get for riding all of those miles in 2011 besides mental health and some great times with friends and family.

Linda took first place in the Ladies of Harley with 17,466 miles Carol took second and Janell took third

I took third place out of the men with 17,685 miles I only missed first place by 10,000… dang you have to ride in this HOG group to get first place.  I guess I will have reset goals and work on first place when I can either win the lottery or retire. 

I took a little time and penciled out some of the expenses to riding just the basics to keep the bike running and in working order.

Now these numbers are for both bikes so I rounded the numbers a little but you will get the idea.

35,151 miles at 40 mile to the gallon at $4.00 a gallon $3,515.00

5 back tires installed $1,475.00

3 front tires installed $705.00

four 5K maintenances 1,400.00

four 10K maintenances 1,800.00

Total to keep the wheels turning $8,895.00

I didn’t not calculate food, hotels, Taxes, Insurance and all of the chrome and bling over the year.  So just to keep the wheels turning it cost us just under 9K… Now when I add in the entertainment factor, friendships and mental health it is all worth it.  Heck just for the theropy it gives me it’s worth the 9K.