Talon the beginning

I felt that Talon needed his own blog.  So here are some of his pictures

Oct 31st and Talon's ready to spook the kids

Oct 31st and Talon’s is all dressed up and ready for the trick or treaters

Dad and Talon

Grandma & Talon

Talon with his Ute Sweat shirt on “Go Ute’s”

Grandpa “C” and Talon

Mom and little Talon

Talon’s first Thanksgiving

Great Grandma Christensen

Great Grandma & Grandpa Norton

Great – Great Grandma Pomeroy

Talon’s first Harley Davidson socks

Talon’s first trip to Mesquite

Grandma “W”

Grandpa “W” and Lacey

Great Grandma Annie

Bobby and Talon

Five Generations

Talon, Tonianne, Grandma Linda, Great Grandpa Larry and Great Great Grandma.

Christmas Party

Talon and Santa

Tonianne Talon and Santa

The family Frank, Toni and Talon


Mom, Dad and Talon in his Raindeer suit.

Christmas Morning.

We had a sleep over with Tonianne, Frank, Kimberly and my Mom Christmas Eve night.  It was great having everyone together on Christmas Morning

All of us in our matching PJ’s

Talon and the girls with my Mom.

Kim holding Talon on Christmas day

Talon opening his presents

Talon’s first leather jacket!!!

“Biker Baby”

Harley Davidson, Tonianne and Talon what more could a Grandpa want.

Pat and Talon on Christmas day.


He does look pretty good with that eagle on his chest…

Talon showing us how strong his neck is getting.  The dude is a Stud!!!

The little Stud is ready for the ladies!!!

Talon on his very first airplane ride. He’s on his way to Pheonix to see his Grandpa

riding his first bucking bronco… Well you have to start some where. He’s at the Phoenix Zoo

Aunt Kim and Talon. Really Talon was hitting on his first Collage girl we will tell him later that it was really his Aunt.

Talon with his Harley bear. He’s just to cute

The happy little family

Having a little lunch and Talon was happy.

Talon was great the whole time we were in mesquite.  He is a very happy baby I quess he takes after Grandpa after all.

Grandma and Grandpa with Talon

I think Pat Dunn said it best “I don’t ever remember my Grandma being this HOT”

Saying goodbye to Tonianne, Frank and Talon they were heading off to Phoenix

March 20th 2010 was a very sad day for everyone They headed South to Arizona and we headed North back to SLC.

April 10 2010. At the condo in Mesquite

The kids drove up from Phoenix to meet us in Mesquite for the weekend.  It was so good to see them, Talon has grown so much and can do so much more.  I cannot believe how much more he uses his hands and feet.

Frank and Talon in our Back yard.

Talon holding his own bottle at the pool just chillin with the Grand parents

Talon had one to many…. Down for the count.

Talon’s first time crawling. yes we got to see his first movment on his hands and knees.

Action photo. see he moved about three inches!!!

Mother’s Day weekend

Tonianne, Frank and Talon headed North while Linda, myself and Grandma Christensen headed South.  We picked up Kim on the way and we all made it to Mesquite Friday night.

Everyone was really tired but we stayed up and just talked and played with Talon until after mid-night.  Saturday Morning Talon was in rare form.  He was so happy and could not stop talking to us.  He also gave me some great photo’s that I will share.

This is his “hey pretty mama” sexy shot

Linda, Frank Kim sleeping, Grandma “C” and Tonianne at the Condo

Still trying to crawl

Sitting up and playing

Family shot

Linda, Kim and Talon

Three Mother’s on Mother’s Day and Kim.

It was a great weekend for everyone we had a fantastic time just staying at the condo.  The time goes by so fast and before you know it, we are looking at Sunday afternoon and we have to say goodbye.  I love going down to Mesquite and it’s so nice to have the kids and my Mom down there with us but It is always so sad to leave  and see Frank, Tonianne and Talon drive away.  The good news is Kimberly decided to make the drive to Sandy with us and spend a couple weeks with us while School is out.

On June 8th Tonianne and Talon came in to visit us.  Here is Talon with his leather vest on.

Talon in his Biker cuts

Yep he is the a “Biker Baby”

Grandama and Talon just relaxing and watching NASCAR.

We need to get Talon out of Phoenix he’s hooked on NASCAR….. Those words do not flow out of my mouth.  Who really likes NASCAR I mean really???

Kim also came in town to spend some time with us.  I think she only came in because Tonianne and Talon were here but she says thats not true.   Either way it was good to see her again.

The Bib says it all!!!

Every year we cut roses and bring them up to my Dad’s grave.  The new house came with some of the most beautiful roses.  So we cut some and brought them up for my dad.  It was also a good time for my Dad to meet Talon.

Tonianne and Talon. Frank did not come in but we cut a flower for him any way.

Talon and the girls

He’s crawling pretty well now.

Just hamming it up

Two hundred an three… two hundred and four…. just working on his push’ups

Talon and Girls in Pat’s swing

Pat and Craig with Talon in their back yard

Great Grandma “C” with our boy

Just relaxing after a great dinner and some fantastic pie!!

Tonianne”s Birthday Party I need to thank Frank’s Grandma for making her day so nice.

Just relaxed in the pool. or sleeping

Are we going to ride… Or are we going to sit around and talk all day…

Wheeler Farm. Talon just telling the horses a sad story about where glue comes from

Just a cute picture of Tonianne and Talon

Tonianne and Talon are going home tomorrow it’s going to be so sad to see them go, it has been so special having them with us for a week and a half.  But as sad as we are to see them go I know Frank is that excited to see them come home.

July 2, 2010 we had the kids back down in Mesquite to spend some time with us.  I cannot believe how much Talon has changed in just a few weeks.  He is now crawling everywhere and you should see him in his walker…. Man that dude can move, it’s almost a race when he wants to go some place.  He even picks up speed when he wants to go some place he’s not suppose to be.

Here are some up-dated pictures of our weekend.

Talon on the move heading for the living room

Just hanging out in his “Man Cave”

All he needs now is some deer heads and family pictures to complete the “Man Cave”  Grandpa is working on it with him.

If you got your Grandma and your Elmo you just don’t need more than that…

Dad and Talon just watching a little of the world Cup together

Kim, Tonianne and Talon enjoying the sun at our pool.

Dang that grandpa can take a good picture don’t you think?

Talon learning to swim

The girls laying out…. Wait who’s watching Talon…. Dad & Grandpa who else

We watched the fire works from the pool on sunday night.  Talon loved them so much he was even doing the “oooooo’s and aaaaaaaaa’s.  that kid is funny and it was his first fireworks show.  It kept his attention for about 20 minutes, if you know Talon that is huge.

Well Monday came the kids headed South while Linda, Kim and I all headed North.  Now that we have done this a couple of times it’s not so hard seeing them go, but we are very excited to see them again I hope it’s soon.

Bad to the Bone

Talon’s Great Grandma bought him his first Harley Davidson it brings tears to my eyes to see Talon looking so cool… What a stud!!!
We flew Tonianne and Talon into SLC to spend a few days with us before the labor day weekend.

Hanging out in my office

They came in on Wednesday and we headed down to Mesquite on Friday to see Kim for a few days

Grandma and Talon at the condo in Mesquite

Talon can really crawl now and he’s quick.  he went beind the couch and could not find his way out.  it was so funny and sad at the same time.


The girls trying to talk Talon out.

We came back to SLC on Monday so the rest of Linda’s family could spend some time with them.
Everyone came over but Linda’s Mom and Step Father.  I guess Linda’s Mom has some kind of issue going on right now with Linda
Sad because I don’t know when Tonianne will be back in SLC again.
It was a fun trip and Talon did take a few steps behind his new toy.  I think he will be walking in no time at all.
Good luck with that Tonianne.

10 Responses to “Talon the beginning”

  1. Pat Searle Says:

    Lookin good! You can definitely see Talon’s has lots of people who love and adore him.

  2. Debbie James Says:

    Isn’t being grandparents the best? !!!!!

  3. Pat Dunn Says:

    Better get a sidecar for that bike of yours so you can take out on Grandpas Harley to show off those socks!

  4. Dennis Sortor Says:

    That little Dude just gets cuter every day…Watch out Girls…Here he comes!!!

  5. marci Says:

    Im so happy for you all! Talon is absolutley adorable!!!! cant wait to see more pics! love yall

  6. Marie Wolski Says:

    I must say we make a we very cute grandson, All of us!!! He is getting cutter and cutter day by day, I love the Santa Picture! Thank u so much for sharing the site.

    Marie Wolski

  7. Grandma Marie Says:

    What a Handsome little Biker I might say!!!! That eagle looks hot!!!

  8. Laura Says:

    What that kid needs is another set of grandparents! Can Greg and I apply?

  9. Larry & Anita Norton Says:

    We really enjoyed the great pictures. Hard to believe how fast Talon is changing & growing. We will definately keep a close eye on the family blog. Thanks for the blog posting.

  10. Tonianne and Talon Says:

    The blog looks great dad you always do such a great job love ya tons cant wait to see you guys again! wow typing is hard with Talon on my lap lol xoxox love you guys

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