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Birthday Ride to Moab 5-2012

May 14, 2012

For about the last five years Linda has put together a Birthday ride for me, normally it’s in Lava Hot Springs but this year she decided to move it to Moab because it’s a little warmer there.

Because of various issues  with family or motorcycles the only people who attended this year was Brent and Deanna.  Funny thing is we still had just as much fun as when we had Ten or Fifteen.

This picture is kind of dark so you might have to click on it to see the view from the Red Cliff’s lodge where we had my birthday dinner.  This picture really doesn’t do the view justice because it is so beautiful.  If you get the chance go have dinner and sit on the deck the view is amazing.

The ride started out at the South Valley Harley Davidson while we were waiting for Brent and Deanna we started talking to this couple from Oregon they were riding to Grand Junction and going through Moab on their way so we asked them if they wanted to ride with us.  We did warn them that we always take the longest route but they wanted to see a little of Utah and joined us.

Here we are with Deanna, Brent, Linda and David (don’t call me Dave) and Christy.

Here is the route we took (thanks Brent for road bossing)

The route was great and weather was fantastic for the ride, David and Christy loved the route so they decided to stay in Moab with us.  We didn’t get to Moab until about 7:30 that night and hotel was sold out.  I told them that my brother just canceled his room and I’m sure they charged him for the room because they have a 48 hour cancelation policy.  So I fought with them for a while because they did not have Mike down at all for a room so David and Christy found one right across the street because they had one cancelation two minutes before they walked in and asked.  good thing Mike didn’t come down with us because he would not have had a room either.

Saturday morning we rode out to the News Paper rock because Brent and Deanna had never  been there and on to the Needles visitors center.

This is the view from the Needles Visitor Center.

Here’s Linda, Brent and Deanna from the Over look viewing area.  I will tell you the Canyon Lands are so beautiful and every viewing point is different.

The ride into the Needles Visitors Center is about 48 miles one way I think the better viewing area is from the the Needles over look area it’s about fifteen miles closer to Moab and only about 25 miles in and I would tell you the view is much better

If you click on this picture you will see what I’m talking about this area is amazing.

From there we rode over the La Sal mountain loop it’s about a 50 mile loop that is beautiful I didn’t take any pictures because they also had the Red Rock Race going on while we were riding.  Looking back I wish they would have just closed the road because with all of the runners and their SAG vehicles there was no room even for our bikes to get around.  So we didn’t stop to take pictures we were just glad we got through it without running anyone over or tipping our bikes over.

That evening we went over to the Castle Creek winery and took the tour.  If you’re interested in taking the tour I would call first because if they are not making the wine you only get to watch a five minute video but the wine tasting was good.

Linda made dinner reservations at the Red Cliffs Lodge for dinner and it was fantastic.  The evening was perfect the view was perfect and the food was perfect.  Like  I said if you get the chance I would book a dinner reservation.

Because it was Mother’s Day the ride home was just a straight shot home on HWY 6

It was a great ride thanks Linda for pulling it all together!!!