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Death Valley Ride 2/2012

March 3, 2012

This ride was created for a number of reasons one it was Linda’s Birthday weekend two Deb had just got clearance from her Doctor to ride three Brent and Deanna wanted to get on their bike.  So the six of us decided this was the weekend to go put some miles on our bikes.  We really didn’t care where we went as long at it was warmer than SLC.  Death Valley is always warm so it was a pretty easy decision for us.

We started the ride with everyone meeting Linda and I in Mesquite for a sleep over at our condo.  What I love about our neighbors in Mesquite is there’s a rule about parking trailers in the complex “No over night parking”… But because they all like our bikes and think they are pretty cool they made an exception for us and they let us park both trailers in no parking areas for the weekend.  I love this place.

Like I said the night started with a sleep over we had all six of us in the condo, it did not seem to crowded at all but it was like a sleep over for kids because everyone was laughing so hard and we finally went to bed about midnight.  Funny thing was I woke up to Deb, John and Brent laughing so I wondered if they even went to bed.

This is the route we took

What I liked about this route is we pretty much stayed off the freeways.

We started off the ride by finding a new place for breakfast The Muddy River Bar and Grill in Moapa Valley.  what a cool place the food was great and the poor server was all by herself but seem to do a great job  I think Linda and I will be back for a afternoon ride and grab a burger and a beer.

Here is John, Deb, Brent, Linda and Deanna infront of the Muddy Creek Bar and Grill.

Here we are at Breakfast

We had a little bet on how many miles it was until the next gas station.  Good thing was I won the bet… Bad new was Linda lost the bet, so I still had to pay for beers.  Something is not right here.

On our way to Beatty we stopped at Area 51 and the local Cat House.

Here’s Brent standing by the newest Cat house soon to come.

We ended up staying at the Stage Coach Hotel in Beatty the hotel is good for $49.00 but I would recommend eating at the KC’s Outpost just down the street.  They have great food and fantastic desserts.. Although like other rides we have been on, we were laughing so hard and making so much noise they gave us our own room to eat in.  They are so nice.

The ride to Death Valley was a little cold 40 degrees cold in the morning as we turned off to Scott’s Castle Brent decided it was time to see how fast we wanted to ride our bikes.  Deb had her’s going 105, Linda had her’s over a 100 as did Brent I took mine to 118 and the bike felt like it was lifting up and getting very light but I was only at 5,000 RPM’s but it still scared me enough to shut it down.

Here we are at Death Valley it was sooooooo nice to warm up.

This is me just enjoying the weather while gathering some much needed vitamin D.  February 80 degrees we did not want to leave anytime soon.

Great picture of Deanna, Deb and Linda

We made it to Boulder Nevada just in time before the sun went down.  We stayed at the Boulder Dam Inn.  This is a very cool hotel and I would recommend staying there.  The rooms are great, they have the best breakfast that is complementary that I have every had.

Here we are in the lobby of the hotel just getting ready to head out to dinner and to celebrate Linda’s “50th” Birthday.

Here we are at dinner. I would recommend The Milo’s Cellar This was great place because they have great wines and fantastic small plates.

Linda’s cake that Brent and Deanna picked up.

I knew after enough wine Brent would take it out on the local animals

It was neck and neck for a while but Brent finally won out.

It seems like every ride is as good or better than the last one but like I have said before its not where you go but who you go with that makes the ride.