Mason 6+

Mason’s page was getting to large so I started him another one.

I saw this quote, it was so special to me I thought it would be perfect to start Mason’s new blog.

Mason is now six years old and very smart. Like pre-school his Kindergarten teacher just loves him. Mason loves to read and so analytical. He will be successful no matter what he does.


We celebrated his birthday in Mesquite with Kimberly’s again. He doesn’t seem to mind to much. Because after our celebration we took him to LEGOLAND. He was just big enough this year to get on all the ride.

We had so much fun.

He is growing  up so fast and can build the coolest thing out of Lego’s. His imagination is amazing.

His favorite thing to build toy guns. He and Talon played cops and robbers every night.


Here Mason is sitting in the cockpit of the exact plan I flew when I was skydiving. I cannot believe it is still able to fly.

Mason’s first report card  he’s d amazing in school all ”E’s”

Tonianne and Jon brought the kids down for thanksgiving this year. I have to say it was the smallest Thanksgiving we have ever had but I would also say it is one of my favorites. Most Thanksgivings you spend all day cooking, then eat and go home. We got to spend four days with our family.

Jon and the boys hanging out in the hot tub.

We did some fun activities. This is Mason’s car he built by himself.

The kids also came down after Christmas. This was the first year we have not been with the kids on Christmas. IT was sad not being there when they opened their presents on Christmas morning. But it was also nice because they could spend five days with us without all the hassle of Christmas parties and running around. I hope we do it this way every year.

Santa even found them in Mesquite. They were so surprised to see him again.

2020 will be a year to remember. The whole world was infected by COVID 19. So the Government Shut down the States and would not let anyone travel or be in groups of more than six. So we had to move Easter to May this year. It was still fun and the boys still had a blast.

Mason doing another art project. He sure loves art. But what I’m really impressed with is his reading skills. He isn’t even in First Grade and he can read really well.

Good picture at Kimberly’s marker on Memorial Day.

Jon took the boys to Moab jeeping because Tonianne and Linda took a girls weekend. I’m not sure Mason really enjoyed not having his electronics. He hates bugs so he’s not a good camper either. I think Jon was happy to get home.

We drove up for Father’s Day. We had a great time with the kids. Mason is getting so tall. He is really starting to grow and growing up. He is so smart.

He are a few of their friends they played with at the park.

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