Talon 10

Talon is getting so old I cannot believe how smart and kind this kid is. I think this will be a very special year for him.

The boys came down for Thanksgiving. It was so much fun having them for the long weekend.

We did a few art and crafts. No matter what it is Talon does a great job. He is so focused on everything he does.

We also gave them their advent calendars. All the boys were excited.

They helps us put up our Christmas tree. It is the first time we have put up a tree since Kimberly passed away. It was so nice having them here with us.

Talon’s ornament he make at my family’s Christmas party.

Great family picture with Santa

This was the first year we didn’t celebrate Christmas with the kids. We thought i was time we grow up and let hem have Christmas as a family. The good about that was they came down right after and spent the whole week with us. Plus Santa found them in Mesquite  because he forgot to give them a few more presents.

I’m pretty sure Talon doesn’t believe in Santa but heck he went along with it and had fun.

The boys came down for the Mesquite balloon  festival. One of the pilots took Talon under his wing and let him help get the balloon ready. Mason didn’t want any part of it but Talon had a blast

Talon in the basket ready to go. He didn’t go up but he liked being in the balloon.

2020 has been a funky year. The whole world got COVID 19 so the government shut down the States and old not let anyone travel. So we had to move Easter to May. It was still fun and the kids had a great time and that’s all that matters. They sent all the kids home from School and made the parents home School them.

Little family time at the park in Mesquite.

Jon took the boys to Moab jeeping while Tonianne and Linda had a girls weekend. Talon had a blast but not sure Mason will want to go again.

I had a fantastic Father’s Day with the boys. They are getting so big and so Smart.

Talon with a few of his friends at the park on Father’s Day

For our family vacation this year we rented a couple rooms in Lave Hot Springs for four days. We had the best time. In fact both boys said they would rather come back to Lave than go back to Disneyland or LEGOLAND.

Tonianne and Talon floating the river in Lava. He had to ride the rapids with his feet hanging over the tube so he could be cool, but mostly to scare his mother.

The two brothers together. We took some family pictures while were there.

Great family picture.

Here is my favorite picture

Jon and Talon just hanging out pool side.

Talon and Tonianne both jumping off the five meter platform. I cannot believe they did it. Five meters is high. Not to be out done by Talon Tonianne jumped off the ten meter.

I had to post this picture. Talon found a little flower and gave it to his mother. This kid has such a soft side.

Well Talon is in fifth grade now. He is so smart.

December 22 2020 was a huge day for Talon. This is the day he was adopted by Jon!! He is now Talon Oldham!!! We are so excited for him and the whole family. This is the picture of them in the attorneys office right after the Judge made it official.

After Talon was adopted into the Oldham family he wanted to bring his Wolski blanket to Mesquite to burn it.

The burning of the blanket. We had a party with all of our Mesquite friends to help Talon celebrate his adoption.

Here’s the new blanket Jon and Tonianne gave Talon for Christmas. Welcome to the Oldham’s

Talon now has a new passion. Marshal Arts. He has his White belt and in Talon fashion, while at his first class the instructor decided he needed to move him up a level because it t

ook him a half hour to be better than everyone in his class. I can see him earning his black belt in record time if he sticks with it.

great picture of Talon and Mason while we were in Lava Hot Springs again this year.

Talon did an amazing job driving his Mud Cart. He had a blast, I sure he’s going to want to go again soon.

I’m pretty sure Jon and Talon get the award for getting the muddiest. I think they all had a blast.
I think 2021 might be our last year in Lava Hot Springs. They had a wonderful time but after two years I think they are going to want to go somewhere else next year.

Talon starting sixth grade. He is so excited to start School this year. I think it’s because he has missed his friends and maybe a certain girl.

Wow Talon graduated 6th Grade. Now on to Middle School. He’s growing up so fast. before we know it he will be driving to School.

The boys came down to Mesquite for nine days. We took full advantage of the time.

We swam, went bowling and even raced the Go Carts. Talon is now tall enough to drive his own car.

Talon fishing for Crawdad’s with Grandma.

He caught quit a few.

Then we went fishing and he caught his first fish. it was a Blue gill

After that he caught several Rainbow Trout

I think it was his lucky hat that made fishing so successful.

Talon even learned how to clean his fish. Lets just say I don’t think he’s going to do it again anytime soon. His stomach got a little woozy.

Talon starting Jr. High !!! I’m sure he’s going to make new best friends.

And we have a back flip!!

Brothers hanging out at the pool.

2022 Thanksgiving. Wonderful time with the family

Talon’s first Kiss! To bad it was from his Mom and Grandma!!

We took the Boys golfing at Big Shots in St. George. With was Talon’s first time swinging a club. As usual he picked it up very fast. in fact he was driving the ball almost two hundred yards.

All of us at Big Shots

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