Bringing our bikes home for the summer May 2007

DSC03311We met Jon and Dor in Mesquite to bring our bikes home.  the quickest way is to jump on 1-15 and ride the 340 miles home…. well that’s no fun so we made the trip a little longer by riding through Page AZ  and stayed the first night in Kayenta,



From there we rode to Blanding and over to Torrey, Ut.  We were bumping into rain clouds all the way but some how missed all the rain.  The riding gods were with us.

This is where we met up Mike, he rode from Salt Lake City in the morning and met us for breakfast.


We rode North from Torrey to Price and over Hunington canyon back to Salt Lake.



This is the exact spot on HWY 72 where Laura ran off the road flipped her bike completely over.  The bike landed on her, Linda jumped off my bike and lifted the bike off of Laura all by herself.  The bike was totaled and Laura walked away with only a scratched forehead from her sunglasses.  Moral of the story… wear your leathers and helmets.

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