Laughlin Rally 2007

Laughlin Rally and Linda dream of riding on route 66

Laughlin Rally and Linda's dream of riding on route 66

This is another ride Linda and I did by ourselves.  We left from Mesquite and took the usual route around Lake Mead and through Hoover dam.  The weather was fantastic and the ride was even better.  Linda and I ride so well together because we both love it so much.

After we checked into our hotel, the home of the famous “Losers lounge” we just walked over to see what the vendors had for sale.  They have vendors in every parking lot with some cool stuff and most of them had bands playing with some great food and plenty of beer.


This is the place where Linda bought the famous Pink Helmet that she loves so much.




On the second day Linda and I rode our bike over to Lake Havasu to see the “London Bridge” It is a bridge that some guy shipped over from London and put it back together at the lake.  it has all of the orginal lamp posts and everything.


On the third day we rode over to Oatman it’s an old mining town with wild burros running everywhere.  But the town was so rustic and you cannot believe how many bikes they can fit on the main street. 


The name says it all.  that’s why I love it.


Oatman’s main street.  Well at least half of it.

DSC03261We took route 66 from California to Kingman AZ.  We loved the road, some day I want to ride whole route.

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