Sturgis 8.2003

Our first real ride on my new Heritage Clasic 2003

Our first real ride on my new Heritage Clasic 2003

This was our first real ride on my new Heritage.  We rode up through Yellowstone and on to Sturgis.  (Greg, Laura, Linda and I went to Sturgis) Everyone else turned back at Cody Wy.


Dinner in Jackson Hole

Dinner in Jackson Hole



Getting our “mojo” ready for the ride to Cody Wyoming.


My little family of bikers.


Don’t let Craig’s look fool you, he knows exactly where we are…. right….

Greg, Laura, Linda and myself left the group in Cody Wyoming and started our adventure to Sturgis.  What a great ride and we met some very interesting people on the way.


Our new hotel for the week

Our new hotel for the week

Linda and I had the Suite with the King bed and the blue walls.  The good news was we could park right in front of our room.  The wall were a little thin, the neighbors we very very very noise.  But what do you expect when you’re at the famous Buffalo Chip camp ground.

Buffalo Chip

Buffalo Chip

We thought we had the place to our selves.  Who knew that in a few hours there would be thousands of people running around and most of them pulling their tops off.  I was so disgusted that my eye dried out from not blinking for six hours. 

This was a great place to hang out and the concerts were fantastic.  Everyone has to spend a few days at Buffalo Chip to experience Sturgis.

My first Tatoo

My first Tatoo

I don’t remember it hurting, but then I really don’t remember much of that night.  I’m just glad I didn’t get the tatoo on my head or get anything pierced.


Our new friends.  Like I said everyone needs to go to Sturgis at least once.

dsc01145these were our neighbors who had the room right next to ours.  they were from Canada Butt Butt I don’t remember their names.


This was our dinning and bar table for the whole night.  As you can see Linda and Laura stopped feeling any pain hours ago.

Devils Tower

Devils Tower



One of the best rides out of Sturgis was while we were riding to Mt. Rushmore.  All of the bridges frame up the mountain as you ride through them.  It’s so beautiful and cool how they did it.


What a great town.

We left Sturgis and headed south so we could ride the Black Hills.  I think it’s better than Yellowstone myself.  The roads are wonderful and the scenery is fantastic.


On the ride back to SLC Greg and Laura needed to make a stop.  From what I understand it was a great one.
Our last stop was Steam boat springs.  But we had to ride to Craig Co. because they were out of rooms.dsc01190
From Criag Co. the ride just turns in to sage brush and long roads.  It’s so tough to recreate your first real ride to Sturgis.  I would like to go back but I’m afraid it will never be the same ride.

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