Lava Hot Springs May 2010

This Ride was Linda’s idea, she wanted to take our bikes on an over nighter for my birthday.  She planned it and we just jumped on the load.  The only people who could go this year was Mike & Lisa and Brent and Deanna.

Me, Linda, Brent, Deanna, Lisa and Mike

Here is the proposed route we are going to take

We just brought our bikes back two weeks ago so this is the first ride for my new bike up North.  I’m so excited to get back on the bikes.  The ride could not have been any better, the weather was great the route was perfect and the company was fantastic. 

Outside of the Grace Bar and grill. We love this stop.

Enjoying some beer and coke at the Grace Bar.

It did not take us long to get to Lava Hot springs so we checked in the Hotel, we stayed at the same hotel we stayed in last time with Greg and Laura The Alpaca Inn and  guess who got room #1… yep Linda and I.  Good news it did not smell of Greg’s barf.  We really like these rooms and the hotel is within walking distance from everything.

After we checked in we walked down to the Hot Springs.

The Hot Springs

 These pools get hot!  They are all fresh water hot springs so there is not any spell like other hot springs I have been in.  the top pool closest to the mountain where the water comes out is 112 degrees!  I didn’t go in that one but Brent and Deanna did, they are tough.  The pools down stream from that pool get cooler the next pool was 108 degrees and the one we liked was 104.

Sitting in the fresh water hot springs

We found a great place to have dinner it’s called The River Side, I would recommend eating in the bar just because the view is so much better from the bar and the food was outstanding.  I have to give the credit to Brent for asking them to seat us in the bar.

Having dinner at the River Side Bar Brent changed his name to "Fred" it's a long story.

Brent told us of another private pool that if you’re really quiet you can sneak in to it.  That is all Mike and Brent needed to hear so guess what we did.  Found the pool and did a little trespassing.

Mike and Brent showing us their "Super Sneak" into the pool.

After our dinner and trespassing adventure we headed to The Blue Moon bar to have another beer or two or three or heck I lost count. What I do know is,  it was a lot of fun.

The Blue Moon Bar

This was our last stop at the Logan Wendy’s before was heading back to SLC.  the ride was great and I know we will be doing it all again next year.  Thank you Linda for a fantastic Birthday…

Here is the route we ended up taking to avoid Freeways.

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