Lava Hot springs May 16-17 2009

Denny's on 5th south

Start to Lava 09

Denny’s, The meeting place to start our ride to Lava Hot Springs.  Notice Greg’s cool new goggles

Greg was tapping a little “low Rider” ass.  

Great stop for lunch.  It’s the only bar in the town of Grace but it’s a good one.  Great chicken sandwiches and fantastic hamburgers.  This was a great choice for our  routes up to Lava Hot Springs.


The Alpaca Hotel is where we stayed in Lava, it was a great little eight room hotel.  The owners were fun and the rooms real cool,  I would stay there again it’s right by the Hot Springs and with in walking distance of a pretty good bar where we spend most of the night.

Our room on the corner

Our room was on the corner

The Blue Moon Bar.  We started here at about 5:30 and left around 1:00 AM.
Group Hug !!!

Group Hug !!!

???? I think it's the beer...

???? I think it's the beer...

Laura peeking at the camera

Laura peeking at the camera

Deep in thought or Drunk on our A$$ you decide

Deep in thought or Drunk on our A$$ you decide

No pain here.... Laura is Happy!!!!!

No pain here.... Laura is Happy!!!!!

Maybe it was the Absente and the beer.
Greg thinks it was the Absente, beer and the “Horny Goat” tablets he took.  Could be all of the above.  Greg spent the night spraying it all over his hotel bathroom and carpet.  Laura should not be a nurse, she had  no sympathy for Greg, she even went as far to say “are you going to involve me all night with your loud puking”. 
Linda was reading me all of the hotel literature all night because every time she closed her eyes she was spinning.  What made it so funny was how animated she was while she read the hotel rules.  I think she might have thought she was back in her High School drama class.  It’s always entertaining when you’re NOT the person spinning. 
The empty bottle  of  Apsente that did them both in the night before.  Bad bottle, bad bad bottle.
The famous Horney Goat

The famous Horny Goat

These are the horny goat weed from the condom machine in the men’s bathroom. 
None of us were feeling all the well after the long night so we just jumped on 1-15 and started back.  We only made it to Malad before we needed another  stop.  After we rested for about an hour, we were right as rain and jump back on the road to fly back to SLC.  The trip was so much fun.  It’s great having Grag and Laura riding with us again.

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